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Monthly Archives: September 2006

And Some Stats on SaaS Adoption…

By Dick Weisinger

Yesterday I gave some SOA adoption numbers.  There are some new numbers out this week too about SaaS and are showing the SaaS delivery model gaining momentum.  SaaS is a hosted deployment that is sold on a pay-for-use or subscription

SOA Adoption Stats

By Dick Weisinger

Analyst reports are confirming that adoption of SOA is growing, but just how fast is another question.  And depending on which industry you’re looking at the numbers are quite different.  The Aberdeen Group report ”Enterprise Service Bus and SOA Middleware” published in

BPEL 2.0 Available for Public Comment

By Dick Weisinger

In an earlier Formtek blog I described and compared BPEL and BPMN 2.0 technologies and discussed how both are important to BPM.  BPEL is a language that describes the flow and coordination of interactions between published business component interfaces.  BPMN is a notational

SOA is a Long Tail Enabler?

By Dick Weisinger

Chris Anderson coined the term ‘The Long Tail’ in a Wired magazine article of October 2004.  The idea is that being able to sell just a few copies of each of many products having low demand or low sales volumes can be

Gartner's Emerging Technology Hype Cycle 2006

By Dick Weisinger

Last month Gartner published their 2006 Hype Cycle special report on Emerging Technologies.  The report surveys 36 key technologies and trends and tries to assess their maturity, impact and speed of adoption. Gartner sees all things Web 2.0 right now