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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Business Intelligence: Tearing down the BI Pyramid — BI for the Masses

By Dick Weisinger

BI tools can be fantastic for identifying and tracking data and trends in a business. The problem is that it currently takes an army of people to prepare the data for BI while typically just a few analysts are able

SOA: 10 ways that SOA is Failing

By Dick Weisinger

Netherlands-based TechWorld blogger Mike Kavis echoed Burton Group’s assessment that SOA failures are most often a result of problems with people and business culture based rather than technology problems. Kavis identified 10 reasons for SOA failures. His top five reasons

Open Source: A Ticket to Security Problems?

By Dick Weisinger

Most Open Source software lacks basic security protections. That’s the conclusion of a report issued by security company Fortify Software. While the report is no doubt somewhat self-serving since Fortify is in the business of selling security add-ons, there is

Structured Data: New Apps Choose Open Source

By Dick Weisinger

Oracle still leads Database vendors in market share, holding more than 44 percent. But Open Source alternatives may have Oracle worried. Forrester Research recently estimated that the size of the Open Source database market has now reached $850 million and

Storage: Tips to Reduce Storage Costs

By Dick Weisinger

Andrew Reichman, analyst at Forrester Research has put together cost savings ideas for IT managers facing tough budget constraints. His focus is on Storage. Storage can on average eat up 11 percent of an enterprise’s IT budget. In Reichman’s report