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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Open Data: Governments Open Up

By Dick Weisinger

It’s been one year since since the US government’s “Open Data” site has been available. On opening day, 47 data sets were available, and now over the past year, that number has expanded to thousands.  There have been over 97

Open Data: A Groundswell of Civics and Technology

By Dick Weisinger

Tim Berners-Lee, architect behind much of what we now call the internet, has been a strong advocate for open access by all to data collected and derived by government bodies and agencies.  The movement towards more open government has been

Business Intelligence: Trending Towards Convergence with New Technologies

By Dick Weisinger

Science and technology have a long history of exchanging concepts, with cross-over ideas sometimes revolutionizing our ways of thinking about something.  The speed that cross-pollination of ideas between disciplines seems to be increasing.  For example, both Gartner and HP recently

Business Intelligence: Going Back to Basic Principles

By Dick Weisinger

The promise of Business Intelligence (BI) is to enable organisations to make better and quicker business decisions by exposing the key metrics that drive the organisation.  BI is able to reach across all information sources within the organization, including data

Enterprise Search: Looking for More

By Dick Weisinger

It’s no secret that the keys to Enterprise Search have been missing for some time.   Users complain that while searching on Google or Bing is intuitive and easy, trying to find enterprise data is anything but.  It’s not that