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3D Printing: Smarter Software Improves Quality and Speeds Up Printing

By Dick Weisinger

While 3D printing is growing in popularity, creating printed objects takes time. Because of that 3D printing is a long ways from being able to replace much of the large-scale mass productions that are manufactured using traditional technologies. Part of

Spare Parts: Warehouses Shrink as 3D Printers Move In-House

By Dick Weisinger

The spare parts market is experiencing near total disruption as 3D printing is completely reshaping how the market works. Spare parts manufacturing and logistics make up a $400 billion market and are used by all kinds of industries, like aerospace

3D Printing: Preparing to Print the Cars of the Future

By Dick Weisinger

The world of automotive engineering is undergoing major disruption.  There are vehicles powered with alternative and hybrid energy sources, like electric, hydrogen, and to a certain extent solar. Artificial Intelligence is driving some of these cars, the autonomous vehicles, and

3D Printing: Industrial Manufacturing to be Transformed by Additive Manufacturing

By Dick Weisinger

The use of 3D printing is expected to grow dramatically over the next years, particularly in the areas of industrial manufacturing and healthcare. Gartner identified 3D printing as a top ten strategic technology in 2016.  David Cearley, Gartner vice president,

3D Printing: Kurzweil’s Law of Accelerating Returns Predicts Big Change

By Dick Weisinger

Ray Kurzweil, long-time inventor and futurist, is predicting that 3D printing is on the edge of revolutionizing manufacturing and industries. Kurzweil said that “I’ve been thinking about thinking for 50 years.” One example of a recent prediction is with the