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Digital Transformation: A Defining Challenge that Will Determine the Future for Business

By Dick Weisinger

“Digital is the defining challenge for today’s generation of CEOs. And the decisions they make will determine whether their businesses thrive or fade,” according to a recent online whitepaper by McKinsey. Here are some of the results from a recent

Citizen Data Scientists: Vendors Introduce Automation and Self Service Tools to Fill Skills Gap

By Dick Weisinger

A lack of skilled talent in areas like big data and analytics means that increasingly people with different background sets are stepping up to take on applying data to business problems.  Gartner calls these people who aren’t formally trained in

Big Data and Analytics: BDA Spending Dominated by Companies with More than 1000 Employees

By Dick Weisinger

The Big Data and Business Analytics market sector is growing at a rate of 12 percent annually and is expected to reach $150 billion this year and $210 billion by 2020, according to IDC.  The IDC report identifies companies with more

Predictive Analytics: Not Just for Blue Sky Projects, But can Successfully Impact Daily Business Problems Too

By Dick Weisinger

Predictive Analytics is the combination of big data, analytics and forecasting algorithms.  The algorithms make predictions based on models that use real-time, historical and third-party information.  The predictions help businesses more accurately plan for business conditions, consumer sentiment, and market

Business Intelligence: Modern BI and Analytics Sector Growing 8 Times Faster Than Total BI Market

By Dick Weisinger

The worldwide Business Intelligence and Analytics software market will grow to $18.3 billion in 2016, an increase of 7.3 percent from 2016, according to Gartner.  By 2020, it is expected to reach $22.8 billion. It’s the piece within the BI market