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Big Data: Big Success on Big Data Projects Elude Many Organizations

By Dick Weisinger

Big Data and Analytics when done right have shown to have tremendous benefits.  But “doing it right” isn’t something that comes easy. Big Data and Analytics is expected by IDC to grow into a $203 billion business by 2020 from

Big Data: IEEE Forms a Big Data Initiative to Address Technology Challenges

By Dick Weisinger

Big data is receiving a lot of attention, but it isn’t a monolithic thing.  Big data is comprised of a number of different facets and is also faced with a number of different challenges.  For example, the IEEE group identifies

Technology and the Automotive Industry: A Story of Disruption

By Dick Weisinger

Disruption from technology is hitting the automotive industry.  From self-driving automobiles and trucks to the introduction of electronic and gas-alternative powered vehicles, the industry is changing.  Apple, Google/Waymo, Baidu, Uber and Facebook all think that they can compete, not to mention

Big Data: Using Data Sketches for Analyzing Massive Real-Time Data Streams

By Dick Weisinger

Big Data usually means massive amounts of data must be stored for analysis and processing.  For many scenarios, trying to save all data simply isn’t feasible because of the costs involved in storing so much data.  Trying to keep all data for all

Big Data: A Monster Machine for Solving Monster-sized Data Problems

By Dick Weisinger

Perhaps part publicity stunt and part visionary pioneering, Hewlett Packard Enterprise  (HPE) recently showcased a server built with hardware that specifically targets Big Data. It’s more than just a server prototype.  HPE is calling it “The Machine” and has equipped  it with