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Big Data: Using Data Sketches for Analyzing Massive Real-Time Data Streams

By Dick Weisinger

Big Data usually means massive amounts of data must be stored for analysis and processing.  For many scenarios, trying to save all data simply isn’t feasible because of the costs involved in storing so much data.  Trying to keep all data for all

Big Data: A Monster Machine for Solving Monster-sized Data Problems

By Dick Weisinger

Perhaps part publicity stunt and part visionary pioneering, Hewlett Packard Enterprise  (HPE) recently showcased a server built with hardware that specifically targets Big Data. It’s more than just a server prototype.  HPE is calling it “The Machine” and has equipped  it with

Big Data: Data and Analytics are Driving the Creation of new Vertical Market Applications

By Dick Weisinger

Another report on Big Data market growth was recently made available by Orbis Research.  The report estimates that the size of Big Data market will grow to $57 billion in 2017, a figure that includes hardware, software and professional services and

Big Data and Analytics: BDA Spending Dominated by Companies with More than 1000 Employees

By Dick Weisinger

The Big Data and Business Analytics market sector is growing at a rate of 12 percent annually and is expected to reach $150 billion this year and $210 billion by 2020, according to IDC.  The IDC report identifies companies with more

Big Data: Businesses Find Big Data Success Stories Possible, but Hard to Replicate

By Dick Weisinger

Big Data has made big promises, and that has been a problem.  While Big Data has had many successes, many companies trying to achieve similar successes have struggled.  Using technologies like Big Data and Analytics is getting easier, but still, being successful