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Internet of Things (IoT) and BlockChain: Benefits Include Transparency, Decentralization, and Security

By Dick Weisinger

The Intenet of Things (IoT) is the connection of devices with sensors,software and electronics to the internet so that they can communicate and exchange information with other devices. McKinsey estimates that the intenet of things will generate up to $11.1

Blockchain: Transparency and Business Process Improvements Spur Investments

By Dick Weisinger

People are spending real money on crypto currencies and tokens. The business around crypto has ballooned over a short period of time.  IDC says that blockchain spending for services in 2018 will grow from $1.8 billion to $8.1 billion by

Blockchain as a Replacement for SSNs?

By Dick Weisinger

The US has had Social Security Numbers, the SSN, since 1936.  The security offered by the 9-digit SSN has eroded significantly, especially over the past decade as technology has improved but no changes have been made to enhance our identification

Bitcoin: Some Contrarians Dare to Question BlockChain

By Dick Weisinger

A couple of weeks back I posted the article “Bitcoin: The Economics are Unsustainable.”  Maybe now that a single Bitcoin trades in the range of $15-20,000 that argument holds less water.  But by all measures, Bitcoin still seems like an incredible

Bitcoin: The Economics are Unsustainable

By Dick Weisinger

While electronic currencies like Bitcoin gain popularity and recognition, one aspect of Bitcoin you may not know about is how expensive it is. With Bitcoin you don’t have the expense of needing to print bills and mint coins, but there