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BlockChain and Insurance: Decentralizing Ledgers to make Claims Processing more Efficient

By Dick Weisinger

Banks and finance companies are already actively exploring the blockchain technology.  In early 2017, for example, more than 30 companies, like Accenture, BP, BNY, Mellon, Microsoft, Intel, JP Morgan, and UBS teamed up in an alliance calle the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Blockchain and Supply Chain: Creating an Un-Hackable and Transparent Record of the Flow of Goods

By Dick Weisinger

From finance to manufacturing, concepts pioneered by bitcoin are being applied to a wide range of applications.  One area that looks particularly promising is the application of blockchain technology towards managing the supply chain. The initial main benefit that blockchain

Blockchain: Bringing Disruption to the Financial Industry

By Dick Weisinger

The financial industry has worries about the potential impact that blockchain can have on the financial industry and, more specifically, their business. According to a recent survey of financial industry executives, Synechron found that: 89 percent said that they expect

Blockchain: Applications Beyond Digital Currency Include Identity Management and Regulatory Compliance

By Dick Weisinger

Blockchain is an electronic ledger system that was originally created as part of the digital currency Bitcoin, but there are many more applications for blockchain than just digital currency. Suresh Ramamurthi, the chairman and chief technology officer of CBW Bank