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B2B Chatbots: Bots that Personalize the Process of Doing Business

By Dick Weisinger

In order to be more responsive to their customers, enterprises are investing in the development of chatbots, apps that can conversationally interact with users, providing answers to their questions.  Gartner says that by 2021 that half of enterprises will spend

Bad Bots: Increasingly Sophisticated in their Attack on Web Sites

By Dick Weisinger

Internet site traffic is increasingly attributed to visits by bot programs.  40 percent of all traffic on the internet is from bots, and half of those visits are made by bad bots.  Bots are software programs that automate tasks on the

Bots: One Third of All Internet Traffic Attributed to Bad Bots

By Dick Weisinger

Bots dominate the Internet. Nearly 52 percent of all online activity in 2016 was generated by bot activity according to the Imperva Incapsula Bot Traffic Report. Many of the bots on the internet are like the ones from Google, Microsoft Bing, and

Automation: Bots Now Account for Half of All Internet Traffic and many are Malicious

By Dick Weisinger

Bots are software applications that can automate tasks, like setting alarms and notifications, booking travel or searching out shopping and weather information.  Bots have the potential to bring great time-saving benefits.  Somewhat amazing, by one estimate, bots already take up

Artificial Intelligence: 2016 Shaping up to be the “Year of the Bot”

By Dick Weisinger

Software robots, also known simply as ‘bots’ are suddenly coming at us from everywhere.  And it may just be the beginning.  Bots are software agents that are able to automate and speed the completion of tasks.  Wikipedia describes bots as