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Business Intelligence: Big Data Analysis Needs to be Complemented by Thick Data

By Dick Weisinger

Big Data’s premise is that once huge amounts of data are collected, it’s possible to notice trends and patterns, and those patterns in turn lead to conclusions and predictions about future trends. Big Data’s focus is algorithmic and sterile.  The

Analytics and Business Intelligence: BI Platforms Target Skills Gap with AI and Sophisticated Self-Serve Analytics

By Dick Weisinger

Gartner recommends businesses begin looking past just analytics dashboards and standard visualizations when using Business Intelligence (BI).  As the market matures, software is becomming smarter, more scalable, and able to support complex analysis and data models, but delivered in a

Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence: Businesses Can’t Get Enough

By Dick Weisinger

The use of the cloud for business intelligence (BI) is growing strongly, particularly by small organizations and within the financial services industry, according to a survey by Dresner Advisory Services.  Adoption is nearly double compared to 2016. Sales and Marketing

Business Intelligence (BI): Analytics Can’t Keep Up with the Constant Change in What’s Being Measured

By Dick Weisinger

Businesses love the hype promised by business intelligence and analytics.  They generally love the results too.  But the problem is that they can’t get those results fast enough. A report from TDWI found that businesses complain that getting their analytics

Business Intelligence: Small Businesses Leapfrog Bigger Ones in Move to BI in the Cloud

By Dick Weisinger

Business prefer to use the cloud when running Business Intelligence (BI) apps, according to a study by the BARC Research and Eckerson Group, and among cloud alternatives, the public cloud is preferred. Findings from the BARC and Eckerson report include: 78