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SaaS Cloud Computing: Microsoft Takes Lead Among SaaS Vendors

By Dick Weisinger

The SaaS market is growing at a rate of 33 percent and took in more than $11 billion in sales in the second quarter of 2016, according to a study performed by the Synergy Research Group.  The study found that

Edge Computing: Cloud Latency Can’t Support Real-Time IoT and AI Apps

By Dick Weisinger

Is the Cloud the ultimate solution?  Many of the benefits of the cloud can be alluring. Security has long been a pain point, but cloud security is increasingly less of an issue, and security has been steadily improving. One issue

Mobile: Users Increasingly Slim their App usage and Focus on Just a Handful of Capable Apps

By Dick Weisinger

Gartner says that we are slowly moving into a “post-apps” world. Gartner found that consumers are using fewer and more capable mobile apps.  They’re also increasing their use of messaging apps in favor of social media and video. One third

Cloud Computing: IDC Predicts Cloud 2.0 to Continue to Drive Huge Growth

By Dick Weisinger

Spending on the Public Cloud is expected to tick upwards by nearly 25 percent this year to $122.5 billion, predicts IDC, a rate that is nearly seven times the overall growth rate for IT. Their report says to expect the

Cloud Computing and Security: Enterprises Do an About-Face and Embrace Public Cloud

By Dick Weisinger

Over the last few years the majority of businesses have done an about face on their thinking about the public cloud.  Security fears had led many to pursue implementing of private cloud infrastructure.  A new report from Intel Security says