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Cloud Computing: AI and Machine Learning Workloads Growing Most Quickly

By Dick Weisinger

Despite worries of security, businesses are moving their data to the cloud.  But concerns are reducing. A survey by MIT Management Review sponsored by Google found that nearly three-quarters of businesses said that their confidence in cloud security had improved.

Cloud Computing Security: Multi-Cloud Infrastructure Provides Diversification but with Added Security Complexity

By Dick Weisinger

While currently 60 percent of businesses are using a single cloud provider, others see advantages to using more than a single provider to avoid having a single point of possible disruption. While diversification has advantages on paper, a multi-cloud infrastructure

Cloud Computing: Strong Growth. Alibaba Ranks as Third Largest IaaS Platform.

By Dick Weisinger

The top Cloud Services IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) lead comes as no surprise: Amazon AWS. Microsoft is in the second spot.  But third position isn’t occupied by Google — it’s China-based Alibaba. That’s according to a report by Gartner.

Cloud Security: Top 12 Threats to Cloud Computing

By Dick Weisinger

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) recently identified the top 12 things that can adversely impact cloud computing. The following items appeared in the CSA report “The Treacherous 12: Top Threats to Cloud Computing“: Data Breaches Weak Identity, Credential and Access

Enterprise Architecture: Holistic Control of Enterprise Technology

By Dick Weisinger

What is one of the biggest problems that the rapid popularity of Cloud Computing has created? It’s siloed data. While cloud computing has great advantages, like cost and agility, it has made it extremely easy for departments to sign up