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Kubernetes and the Cloud: Deploy and Scale of Containerized Applications

By Dick Weisinger

Kubernetes was one of the hottest open-source projects of 2017 and it is expected to grow even faster throughout 2018.  Kubernetes was developed at Google and first released in June 2014.  It is a platform for managing the automatic deployment

Cloud Computing: Slow Migration of Enterprise Workloads to IaaS Cloud

By Dick Weisinger

This year the number of enterprises using public cloud services is expected to cross the 50 percent adoption mark, according to a report by Forrester.  Enterprise adoption includes the use of cloud applications, platforms and services.  The trend of moving

Cloud Computing: On-Premise Data Centers will Struggle to Stay Relevant

By Dick Weisinger

On-premise computing will be dead soon, according to a presentation by Gartner Research Vice President Milind Govekar.  The only data centers with any chance of surviving are those that will deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning to become efficient. Govekar thinks

Cloud Computing: Public Cloud Spending to Grow Faster than Private and Hybrid

By Dick Weisinger

Public, private, hybrid — there are a lot of qualifiers used when describing sectors of the cloud market.  IDC has a new one: the ‘whole cloud’.  The whole cloud is a sum of public, private and hybrid cloud.  It also

Public Cloud Computing: 30 Percent Growth in 2017

By Dick Weisinger

Worldwide public cloud computing grew at a phenomenal annual rate of nearly 28.6 percent during the first half of 2017, according to IDC. Frank Gens, senior vice-president and chief analyst at IDC, said that “public cloud adoption is accelerating in