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Cloud Analytics: Analytics will be Primarily Cloud Based within Five Years

By Dick Weisinger

As businesses migrate their data and applications to the cloud that it’s also logical for them to include analytics.  Cloud analytics refers to cloud-based data analytics or business intelligence.  A survey by Teradata found that as many as 83 percent

Cloud Computing: Businesses Need to Proactively Evaulate Cloud Vendors

By Dick Weisinger

As usage of cloud technology increasingly becomes the norm, the next step in the evolution is the coordinated use of multiple cloud vendors.  IDC says that the use of multiple cloud suppliers is already common, but businesses aren’t currently doing

Cloud Computing: New Privacy Rules for Government Access to Data in Foreign Data Centers

By Dick Weisinger

The CLOUD Act (Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act) was enacted early in 2018 in an attempt to modernize data privacy and government surveillance laws in a world where data is increasingly being housed in global cloud-computing data centers.

Cloud Computing: Lack of Oversight Cause Customers to Waste Billions on Unneeded Cloud Resources

By Dick Weisinger

The cloud is designed to make businesses more productive and more agile.  The flip side to that though is that without adequate governance and oversight cloud costs can quickly go out of control. Kim Weins, VP of Cloud Cost Strategy

Cloud Computing: Spending Up, but Managing Costs is Difficult

By Dick Weisinger

Cloud computing showed a 21.7 percent year over year growth rate in the fourth quarter 2017, according to IDC.  The estimates include contributions from both the public and private cloud. The industries that are spending the most on the cloud