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Cloud Computing: SLI + SLO + $ = SLA

By Dick Weisinger

Cloud Computing is hard. Customers want to be reassured that their data is safe and will be available at any time. The terms of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) customers and vendors agree to usually promise uptimes to multiple nines.

Cloud Robotics: On-Demand Remote Brain Power for Mobile Robots

By Dick Weisinger

Cloud robotics tethers remote cloud services with robotics. The cloud offers large-scale computation and storage capabilities that can be used for off-loading tasks from the robot. Cloud robotics is particularly useful for mobile robots because in that case there is

Cloud Computing: ‘True’ Versus ‘Fake’ Cloud Computing – Does it Always Matter?

By Dick Weisinger

There’s no denying that the future of IT is in the cloud. Oracle, who in their early days had been accused of promoting fake cloud solutions. In late 2016, Oracle purchased NetSuite, and now, ironically, Oracle’s NetSuite advertising warns customers

Cloud Computing: 5 Cloud Trends

By Dick Weisinger

Over the last 13 years since Amazon released the Elastic Compute Cloud, cloud computing has reshaped the landscape of IT departments. Today’s businesses are pushing the capabilities of the cloud as they attempt to transform themselves into ‘digital businesses’. What

Cloud Computing: Continued Strong Yearly Growth Expected

By Dick Weisinger

$214.3 billion — that’s the estimated size of the global public services market size for 2019, according to Gartner, a 17.5 percent increase from 2018. SaaS is a large part of the number, roughly $95 billion. Sid Nag, research vice