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Augmented Software Development (ASD): Working with Bots That Code

By Dick Weisinger

There are programmers who work with AI, and now, analysts like Gartner predict that it won’t be long until there are programmers assisted by AI, Augmented Software Developers. Mark Driver, Research Vice President at Gartner, said that “we predict that,

Code Development: Python Now Ranks Among Top Three Programming Languages

By Dick Weisinger

Python has moved up in popularity, unseating C++, and now is in third position in the TIOBE list of popular computer programming languages. The TIOBE index report noted that “the Python programming language started as a successor of Perl to

Evolutionary Design: Replacing UML and Planned Designs

By Dick Weisinger

Planned design versus Evolutionary design. Planned designed is the up-front analysis and design of a system, it’s subsystems, interfaces and flow; only after the design is complete does the coding and implementation start. Evolutionary design doesn’t bother with the up-front

APIfication: Enabling Strategic Exposure of Business Assets

By Dick Weisinger

APIs are granular units of computing that expose data, information and services to developers. Whether the data is maps, statistics, storage, or services, APIs can be made available to serve up almost any conceivable type of data or service. APIfication

Ethical Design: Making Moral and Responsible Choices During the Design Process

By Dick Weisinger

Design Ethics is the practice when creating products to be moral and to make responsible choices.  Every step of the process, from initial conception of the product idea, to how the design process is conducted and how product features are