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Low Code Software: Tight Budgets and Application Modernization Plans Drive Adoption

By Dick Weisinger

Businesses are turning to low-code development as a way to still move forward with modern technology but with smaller teams of developers and power users. Low code tools are typically UI-based or allow users to easily configure changes to software

Open Source: Outdated Components Threaten Security

By Dick Weisinger

Open Source software has become ubiquitous. A study by Synopsys found that 99 percent of the 1250 commercial products investigated contained at least one open source component. In fact, the average application has 445 open-source components. But the Synopsys report

Code Development: Microsoft Continues to Reinvent Itself with NPM Purchase

By Dick Weisinger

What a turn-around from the Microsoft of a decade ago! Microsoft’s GitHub recently agreed to acquire npm, the Javascript package manager. This is after Microsoft acquired GitHub in 2018 for $7.4 billion. Microsoft plans to integrate npm into the GitHub

Security: Shifting Left to Bake in Effective Security

By Dick Weisinger

“Shift Left security” is the idea that security should be considered and integrated into software during the development cycle, rather than as an afterthought much later. The rationale is that security issues are avoided much earlier during development when it

COBOL: Still the Heart of Today’s Business Process Systems

By Dick Weisinger

COBOL, the Common Business-Oriented Language, turned 60 years old this year. Despite it’s age, it is still used today by more than 70 percent of business processing systems. How has COBOL survived? Evolution. Despite it’s age, COBOL has evolved and