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File Formats: Long Term Archival with PDF/A

By Dick Weisinger

The PDF file format created by Adobe is almost universally used when sharing fixed-format documents. Adobe made the PDF file format publicly available as an open standard in 2005, and the format is under the control of the ISO committee.

Content Management and Artificial Intelligence: Changing People’s Engagement with Content

By Dick Weisinger

Content Management systems are central repositories for enterprise and organizational data.  These huge repositories of data can be thought of as “information lakes”.  Data repositories are expected to grow enormously as businesses increase the amount of data and content that

Content Management: Marketing Content Viewed as Key Business Asset

By Dick Weisinger

Marketers use content to attract and interact with their customers.  The rise of social media has been a boon for marketers, but the complexity of managing marketing campaigns has increased.  Managing content for different engagement platforms and attempts to personalize

Headless CMS: Dropping the UI and Focusing on Services for Serving up Content

By Dick Weisinger

Web Content Management may be losing its head. Despite widespread attempts to centralize the management of content, content continues to be created and managed on many different platforms. The prevalence of REST web services and JSON-formatted increasingly means that it doesn’t

eSignatures: A Critical Component for Enabling Paperless Offices

By Dick Weisinger

eSignatures and Digital signatures.  What’s the difference?  An electronic signature is a symbol that says that a person has agreed to sign a document.  A digital signature is stronger in that it attaches a secure certificate to the symbol that