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eSignatures: A Critical Component for Enabling Paperless Offices

By Dick Weisinger

eSignatures and Digital signatures.  What’s the difference?  An electronic signature is a symbol that says that a person has agreed to sign a document.  A digital signature is stronger in that it attaches a secure certificate to the symbol that

Content Management: University CM Systems Suffer from ‘Controlled Chaos’

By Dick Weisinger

A report by Digital Clarity Group examines the state of Content Management Systems in Universities. Their findings may be equally applicable to areas outside of education and include: Lack of a champion or leader for content management projects can negatively

Content Management: Marketers Swamped with Management of Ever Growing Content

By Dick Weisinger

The amount of digital content is growing in all industries, and it’s no exception for marketing.  A recent report by Accenture Interactive found that 92 percent of marketing groups say that the amount of content that they manage has increased

Mobile Content Management: Mobile Devices Increase Demand for Mobile Content

By Dick Weisinger

Content Management systems are evolving to meet the needs of organizations with large numbers of connected mobile devices.  A report by Technavio estimates that within one year that more than one-third of workers will use mobile devices.  A parallel report

Data Storage: Do You Know Where to Find Your Most Sensitive Data?

By Dick Weisinger

Do you know where your data is?  Not just any data, but the most sensitive and critical data that your company depends on?  In a global survey of IT professionals, only 16 percent said that they could locate that information.