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Data Analytics: It’s Hard for Businesses to Move Past Spreadsheets

By Dick Weisinger

89 percent of organizations still rely heavily on the use of spreadsheets to do their data analysis, according to a survey on data analytics by TDWI.  Yet almost all of those organizations worry about the quality and consistency of the

Data Analysis: Without Data Quality Data Analysis is Useless

By Dick Weisinger

The results of your data analysis can only be as good as the quality of your data.  That’s another way of rephrasing the well-known phrase: Garbage in, Garbage out. Data is powering the rapid growth of technologies like Big Data,

Data Analytics: Most Businesses Still Aren’t Using Their Data Effectively

By Dick Weisinger

Using a five-level system to rank businesses in their capabilities related to data analytics, Gartner only ranks 9 percent of global companies as being in the top level, the transformational level.  At that transformational level, Data Analytics becomes central to

Compliance and Analytics: Businesses Need to Embrace and Support Analytics by Investing in Technology and Training

By Dick Weisinger

Even as businesses increasingly use data and analytics (D&A) within their organizations, a majority of executives at those same companies distrust the findings, according to a study by KPMG.  48 percent use D&A for finding new customers and 47 percent

Smart Manufacturing: Optimizing Manufacturing Operations with Technology

By Dick Weisinger

Smart manufacturing.  It’s the use of advanced data analysis and software algorithms to optimize the workings of manufacturing.  The goal is to increase efficiency, eliminate waste, and be significantly more cost efficient.  Smart manufacturing incorporates technologies like automation, robotics, sensors,