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Digital Transformation 2019: Empowering Change, Growth and Innovation

By Dick Weisinger

The Altimeter Group has announced their fifth annual “State of Digital Transformation” report. Five insights from the report are listed next, and below that is a summary video of the report. It is essential to have a C-level champion in

Digital Transformation: The Difference Between Electronic and Digital Signatures

By Dick Weisinger

Is there a difference between electronic and digital signatures? Electronic Signatures, or ‘e-signatures’, are used to indicate that a document has been accepted. Various methods for verifying identity can be used, like email, passwords or PINs. E-signatures are usually issued

Digital Transformation: The Pain Points of Data Integration

By Dick Weisinger

Digital Transformation is a top goal for many businesses, but a major problem in achieving that goal is the difficulty of data integration. Why is data integration between different projects and systems hard? In the 2019 Connectivity Benchmark report MuleSoft

Digital Transformation: Is it Over Already? Were you Left Behind?

By Dick Weisinger

About four years ago people started talking about “Digital Transformation”. The term means at the most basic level a transformation of business data and processes from paper to automation and digital foundation. The transformation and creation of a solid digital

Digital Transformation: Culture Slows Digitization Efforts in Government

By Dick Weisinger

Governments are being left out.  Businesses are increasingly digitizing and automating their processes, governments are lagging behind.  Despite the goals or adopting digital transformation, governments are stumbling and having problems scaling their digitization efforts. Dean Laheca, research director at Gartner,