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Digital Workplace: Will Collaboration Tools Ever be able to Replace Email?

By Dick Weisinger

Digital technology should be changing the landscape of the business office.  Despite that, when asked what workers say wastes most of their time at work, employees say that meetings and emails top their list of time wasters. Probably the same

Digital Transformation: It Should be an Investment and not a Cost Center

By Dick Weisinger

Digital transformation is the recent buzzword among analysts, like Gartner and IDC. It’s about the adoption of technology to bring innovation into business strategy, operations and customer experience.  Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has been subsumed into the sector now being

Business Process Management (BPM): Enabler of Batter Collaboration and Digital Transformation

By Dick Weisinger

Better collaboration and digital transformation rather than cost cutting.  Those are the priorities now for the use of BPM at most organizations, according to Forrester, and that’s a shift from the traditional way that BPM has been used. The Forrester report

Digital Transformation: It’s Great! But what is it?

By Dick Weisinger

Increasingly businesses are talking about how digital transformation will allow them to grow more quickly and be successful.  Most companies are in agreement with that.  But when asked exactly what is meant by ‘digital transformation’, there are no consistent answers.