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Digital Transformation and CIOs: 2018 Focus Priorities on Customer Engagement and Data Monetization

By Dick Weisinger

For Digital Transformation to succeed in businesses there needs to be an executive that leads the way.  Typically the CIO is that person.  IDC recently made a forecast for the progress that CIOs will make over this and the next

Digital Transformation in 2018: New Digital business Model to Drive Future Growth

By Dick Weisinger

Frank Gens, Senior Vice President and Chief Analyst at IDC, said that “the rising digital economy means all enterprises must operate like ‘digital native’ enterprises, re-architecting their operations around large-scale digital innovation networks and becoming, in effect, a new corporate

Digital Transformation: Lack of Bandwidth, Skillsets and Vision Block IT’s Progress

By Dick Weisinger

Businesses will spend $1.7 trillion by the end of 2019 trying to transform themselves to become digital operations, according to a forecast from IDC. But as many as three-quarters of those businesses will fail to meet their digital objectives. The

Innovation via Digital Transformation: Being Innovative Takes More than Just Money

By Dick Weisinger

Almost all financial institutions are spending money to digitize and innovate, according to a report by Infosys Finacle. The problem is that small institutions are not able to keep up, not just with bigger financial institutions, but with technology companies.

Digital Transformation: The Widening Gap Between Haves and Have Nots

By Dick Weisinger

Digital Transformation (written as ‘DX’ by IDC) is the use of digital technologies to improve all aspects and processes of a business. Richard Warley, managing directory at CenturyLink, said that “in a global business economy dominated by disruption, innovation and cyber