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Artificial Intelligence: Best ROI Comes When AI is Applied to Existing Digital Use Cases

By Dick Weisinger

Your investment in artificial intelligence (AI) has the highest probability of paying off if you can select a use case to apply it that already exists and where the data involved is digital, according to a report by McKinsey. Michael

Digital Transformation: Is Your Business Poised for Disruption or to be Disrupted?

By Dick Weisinger

Is your business a disruptor or one that is poised to be toppled by disruption?  Which side of the coin are you on? A recent survey by Dimensional Research and funded by Alfresco found that the odds are pretty even

Digital Transformation: Integration Obstacles Slow Delivery of IT and Impede Innovation

By Dick Weisinger

IT failure is not at all rare. A study by Mulesoft found that IT departments frequently fail to deliver.  Two-thirds of IT departments said that they didn’t deliver on all of the project for the year that they had planned.

Digital Transformation and SMBs: Businesses See Technology as a Tool for Growth

By Dick Weisinger

Small and Medium-size businesses (SMB) are seeing value in adopting technology.  SMBs will spend more than $600 billion this year on new technology, especially in the area of digital transformation, according to a report by IDC.  That’s an increase in

Digital Transformation Challenges Tech Skillsets

By Dick Weisinger

Organizations are on-board with understanding that adoption of new technologies are the main way to stay to relevant.  But those same organizations are reluctant to fund training to keep their staff current with technology trends.  The disconnect between a desire