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Digital Transformation: Traditional BPM Begins to Take on Digital Process Automation (DPA) Features

By Dick Weisinger

Business Process Management (BPM).  It’s changing, or at least people’s expectations of it are.  A report from Forrester found that decision makers who were satisfied with their BPM efforts just two years ago now are not as happy. The numbers

Digital Transformation: Digital Dexterity, Network Technologies and Opening of New Digital Markets

By Dick Weisinger

Organization that want to be successful in digital transformation need to refine three characteristics: digital dexterity, adopt network effect technologies, develop an industrialized digital platform, according to Gartner. Digital Dexterity – Organizations need to develop a culture that encourages their

Digital Transformation: Businesses Slow to Accept Transformation

By Dick Weisinger

Digital Transformation?  Analysts and consultants like Gartner, EY and PwC say that to compete and succeed, businesses need to adopt new technologies. A new survey by Forrester though found that digital transformation is happening very slowly.  They characterize the progress

Artificial Intelligence: Best ROI Comes When AI is Applied to Existing Digital Use Cases

By Dick Weisinger

Your investment in artificial intelligence (AI) has the highest probability of paying off if you can select a use case to apply it that already exists and where the data involved is digital, according to a report by McKinsey. Michael

Digital Transformation: Is Your Business Poised for Disruption or to be Disrupted?

By Dick Weisinger

Is your business a disruptor or one that is poised to be toppled by disruption?  Which side of the coin are you on? A recent survey by Dimensional Research and funded by Alfresco found that the odds are pretty even