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Digital Transformation: How to Invest for the Future

By Dick Weisinger

Laggards and Leaders in business. The differences often boil down to culture and investment. What is the best way for businesses to invest in themselves to be able to excel in the future? Bhaskar Ghosh, group chief executive of Accenture

Digital Transformation: Navigating the Pitfalls

By Dick Weisinger

Digital transformation has the potential to do just that: transform an organization, making it more efficient, more responsive and better positioned for long-term success. But it’s not all that easy. In fact a survey from McKinsey in late 2018 found

Digital Transformation: A Continuous Process, Not Once and Done

By Dick Weisinger

Technology is disrupting businesses and industries, and businesses are racing to adopt technology in order to keep up. Digital transformation is needed for businesses to stay relevant and compete. When it comes to Digital Transformation, 451 Research divides organizations into

Digital Transformation: Paper Remains a Major Barrier

By Dick Weisinger

The talk of digital transformation is everywhere, but the reality is that things take time. Despite many efforts, paper is still widely used across many industries. Mathis Friesdorf and others wrote in a McKinsey article that “although many payers have

Digital Transformation: Rampant Failure, but the Cost of Giving up is too High

By Dick Weisinger

Digital Transformation is viewed as disruptive and a way that many companies are re-inventing themselves and how they do business. Businesses are rushing to jump on board, with spending growing at 16.7 percent annually and expected to reach $2 trillion