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Enterprise Search: Organizations Wary of Security Flaws in Search Technology

By Dick Weisinger

Enterprise Search is a $1.9 billion industry in 2013 according to Gartner.  But while the space is growing, and despite the productivity benefits that Enterprise Search technology provides, only 38 percent of organizations say that they plan to invest in

Enterprise Search: Solr + Hadoop = Simplified Google-like Big Data Analysis

By Dick Weisinger

One problem with straight-up Hadoop solutions has been the difficulty of performing ad-hoc queries across the entire data set.  Cloudera now offers a solution that combines Apache Solr with Hadoop, a step that could greatly shrink the skill gap that

Enterprise Social: A Slow Revolution in How Businesses Operate

By Dick Weisinger

About half of employees say that the use of social tools boosts their productivity at work.  But the problem is that many organizations don’t know how to formally respond to or to take advantage advantage of these tools.  Businesses worry

Enterprise Search: Consumer Search Path Hints at Direction for the Enterprise

By Dick Weisinger

“Information access technology will locate and analyze more than 90 percent of data in more than 50 percent of Global 2000 enterprises by the end of 2012,” predicted Gartner analyst Whit Andrews in 2008. Well, maybe that was a bit

Enterprise Search: Search Combined with Big Data Opens up Big Opportunities

By Dick Weisinger

The global enterprise search market reached $1.47  billion in 2012 and will grow to $4.68 billion by 2019, predicts Frost & Sullivan.  A report by Findwise found that 75 percent of companies say that the ability to quickly and accurately