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Enterprise Software: Digital Transformation Promoting Growth of Enterprise Software

By Dick Weisinger

Technology businesses are getting big. Apple recently surpassed $1 trillion in value and Amazon and Google/Alphabet are expected to cross that barrier soon as well. Ann Winblad, founding partner of Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, told CNBC that “the spend this

Enterprise Software: Spending is at its Highest Levels Since 2007

By Dick Weisinger

Interest in cloud computing, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things have caused enterprises to open their purses to spend on these new technologies.  Overall, global IT spending will grow by 6 percent this year, reaching $3.7 trillion, but spending by

Enterprise Architecture: Holistic Control of Enterprise Technology

By Dick Weisinger

What is one of the biggest problems that the rapid popularity of Cloud Computing has created? It’s siloed data. While cloud computing has great advantages, like cost and agility, it has made it extremely easy for departments to sign up

Digitalization: Building Digital Ecosystems to Interact with and Shared Data

By Dick Weisinger

Gartner defines a digital ecosystem as “an interdependent group of enterprises, people and/or things that share standardized digital platforms for a mutually beneficial purpose (such as commercial gain, innovation or common interest). Digital ecosystems enable you to interact with customers,

IT Business: Frontline Line-of-Business Leaders Increasingly Control IT Spending

By Dick Weisinger

Cloud-based technology is increasingly eroding the control IT departments have over total technology spending. IDC forecasts that non-IT business units will spend more than $609 billion in 2017 and even be on par with or exceed IT department spending by 2020.