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Internet of Things (IoT): Changing the Way that Businesses and Industries Work

By Dick Weisinger

Spending on the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to see blowout growth according to IDC.  Spending is expected to reach $772 billion this year, a 15 percent gain over the amount spent last year.  Projections are for IoT spending

Internet of Things: Adoption is Growing Quickly Across Manufacturing, Transportation and Utilities

By Dick Weisinger

The Internet of Things (IoT), a technology which embeds the ability for objects of all kinds to be able to connect to the Internet and then transmit data about their surroundings, because of it’s application in industry, logistics, utilities and

Internet of Things (IoT): Amazon Extends FreeRTOS with IoT Features

By Dick Weisinger

FreeRTOS  (RTOS==Real Time Operating System) is a miniature operating system that is quite popular used in devices that require minimal processing and minimal built-in software functionality for performing simple tasks. FreeRTOS is used to enable functionality in anything from specialized

Internet of Things (IoT): Integrating IoT Insights into Enterprise Software

By Dick Weisinger

By adopting the Internet of Things (IoT), businesses are able to monitor, track, schedule and control processes, sensors and devices in the field. Real-time monitoring provides a level of insight and control that previously wasn’t possible. These are still the

Digital Twins: Simulating Products and Processes to Improve Quality and Design

By Dick Weisinger

A digital twin is the virtual representation of a real life product, object or process. The digital twin is used for test and simulation.  It makes it possible to track and simulate different conditions, dynamics and environment changes. The accuracy