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Cognitive First: Letting Data Drive the Development Process

By Dick Weisinger

Data has become the fuel for a new breed of applications based on analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.  In recognition of that, one proposed method for developing applications is to first understand both the business problem and the data

Machine Learning: Solving Complex Problems Without Clear Rules or Algorithms

By Dick Weisinger

Machine learning (ML) is a kind of artificial intelligence (AI) that enables computers to be able to observe and recognize patterns in processes and events and to then to be able to apply that information in a way that enables them

AI and Machine Learning: Cognitive Systems Create Insights and Improved Quality For Banking and Manufacturing

By Dick Weisinger

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are two of the top technology trends for 2017 according to Gartner.  These technologies are expected to be integrated into everything from small devices, to software products and services, for both consumers and businesses.

Software Development: IoT, Machine Learning and Cloud are Hot Technologies Now for App Developers

By Dick Weisinger

What are app developers focused on today?  A global survey of developers from Evans Data asked just that question. Not too unexpectedly, the survey found that the following technology areas were hot: Machine Learning (24.7 percent) Internet of Things (45

Machine Learning: Google’s Open-Source TensorFlow Platform Targets Deep Learning

By Dick Weisinger

In November 2015, a group within Google called ‘Google Brain’ introduced an open-source API called TensorFlow for numerical computing and managing deep learning and artificial intelligence tasks like speech and image recognition.  TensorFlow can be deployed on anywhere from one