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Machine Learning: Speeding up ML with Quantum Computers

By Dick Weisinger

Quantum Machine Learning is the use of Quantum Computers to do Machine Learning.  The Machine Learning techniques applied often are “classical” or do not significantly differ from standard Machine Learning, although the algorithms may be implemented to be optimized for

AI and Machine Learning Chip Sets: Is the Battle Against FPGAs and ASICs one that GPUs Ultimately Cannot Win?

By Dick Weisinger

GPUs have sped the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence in recent years.  GPUs are bandwidth optimized to be able to do large amounts of matrix multiplication and convolution.  CPUs are highly programmable and not as specialized in what

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: What’s the Difference?

By Dick Weisinger

Artificial Intelligence is the imitation of intelligent human behavior by a machine or software algorithm.  “Applied AI” is specific to a particular task like managing finances. “General AI” is less specific and describes a system that can mimic or perform

Machine Learning: Lack of Reproducibility Threatens Credibility

By Dick Weisinger

Reproducibility  and repeatability form the foundation of scientific research. Science works best when researchers have enough information and understanding of the parameters of research that has been done previously so they can reproduce those results and work to build on

Deep Reinforced Learning: Making AI More Accessible by Bootstrapping

By Dick Weisinger

Machine Learning and Deep Learning have become popular tools in the arsenal of Artificial Intelligence (AI), but while AI has generated a lot of interest, one problem is that AI techniques are complex and not enough people are properly trained