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Open Source: (Former) OS Projects Try to Fight Back by Changing Licensing Terms

By Dick Weisinger

Open Source projects are complaining that large cloud vendors like Amazon AWS are unfairly profiting from their intellectual property. Redis Labs has announced changes to their licensing and described their motives, saying that “some cloud providers have repeatedly taken advantage

Open Source: The Start of a New Decadefor FOSS

By Dick Weisinger

2018 marked the 20th Anniversary of Open Source code.  2018 had some big events that led some to even question if Open Source companies have gone too far in morphing their models to be aligned with standard commercial businesses.  For

Open Source: Does the Cloud Unduly Profit from Open Source Software?

By Dick Weisinger

This summer the popular Redis Labs Open Source software added a new clause to their existing BSD license called the Commons Clause. The reason?  Yiftach Shoolman, cofounder of Redis Labs, said that “Cloud providers have been taking advantage of the open

Security and Open Source: Open Source Components Save Time but Need to be Closely Monitored

By Dick Weisinger

Is Open Source code vulnerable?  Open Source code is very widely used.  Typically software code bases consist of anywhere from 75 percent to 90 percent of open source.  The problem is that those dependencies are usually black boxes that developers

Open Source and Code Maturity: Commercial Software Today Depends on OSS

By Dick Weisinger

Is that commercial software that you’re using really commercial? Yes, but… increasingly open source software is being repackaged and repurposed for use in a specific vertical. The 2017 Synopsys Coverity Scan Report finds that it is common for open source components