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Code Development: Microsoft Continues to Reinvent Itself with NPM Purchase

By Dick Weisinger

What a turn-around from the Microsoft of a decade ago! Microsoft’s GitHub recently agreed to acquire npm, the Javascript package manager. This is after Microsoft acquired GitHub in 2018 for $7.4 billion. Microsoft plans to integrate npm into the GitHub

Open Source: As Adoption Grows so Does the List of Known Vulnerabilities

By Dick Weisinger

The number of vulnerabilities identified in Open Source software projects nearly increased by 50 percent in 2019, according to a study by White Source Software. What’s causing the rapid discovery of security issues? It seems to be primarily visibility. Open

Open Source: Applying Innovation to the Slow-Moving Energy Industry

By Dick Weisinger

The energy and utility industries are known to be conservative and slow moving in adopting new technology. Cooperatively sharing information is something that utilities don’t do. But that is changing. As sustainable energy sources, like solar and wind become more

Open Source: Tech Companies Commandeer Open Source

By Dick Weisinger

There used to be a time when big tech companies either dismissed or disparaged Open Source projects. In 2005, Shai Agassi, then President of product at SAP, called Open Source “intellectual property socialism.” Bill Gates called Open Source a “new

Open Source: (Former) OS Projects Try to Fight Back by Changing Licensing Terms

By Dick Weisinger

Open Source projects are complaining that large cloud vendors like Amazon AWS are unfairly profiting from their intellectual property. Redis Labs has announced changes to their licensing and described their motives, saying that “some cloud providers have repeatedly taken advantage