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Records Management: Federating All Business Records into a Single Consistent View

By Dick Weisinger

Records Management is complicated because few companies store their records in a single location. And they often use multiple content repositories, multiple business applications, and a variety of cloud and social media applications. Because records might be stored in any

Records Management: NARA Pushes Federal Agencies Towards Digital Transformation

By Dick Weisinger

December 2022. That’s the deadline that the Office of Management and the national Archives and Records Administration set for federal agencies to go paperless. All historic and permanent records must be digitized by that date. Michael Lewis, vice-president at Iron

Blockchain Patents: Businesses Register Blockchain Patents

By Dick Weisinger

Bitcoin and BlockChain were first invented in 2009. Over the last few years, numerous patents have been filed for how blockchain can be applied to applications other than as a currency.  Especially in the financial industry, the Bank of America

Records Management: GDPR to Enforce Compliance with Retention Policies

By Dick Weisinger

The importance of Records Management is being driven by European regulations that are scheduled to go into effect next year. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) attempts to strengthen data protection for individuals.  Non-compliance with the regulation will be costly, with

Data Mining: Are Your Old Data Archives a Source of Untapped Revenue?

By Dick Weisinger

Your archived data may have unlocked value.  That’s the conclusion of a study by IDC sponsored by Iron Mountain.  The report found that some businesses that have started to mine data locked away in old archives have been able to