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Cloud Robotics: On-Demand Remote Brain Power for Mobile Robots

By Dick Weisinger

Cloud robotics tethers remote cloud services with robotics. The cloud offers large-scale computation and storage capabilities that can be used for off-loading tasks from the robot. Cloud robotics is particularly useful for mobile robots because in that case there is

Humans and Machines: A Future of Collaboration

By Dick Weisinger

How will robots/AI be able to work collaboratively with humans? Manish Bahl, Cognizant’s head of the Center for Future Work in the Asia-Pacific, said that there are five T’s to consider for getting humans and machines to work together collaboratively:

Robotics: Automating the Mundane

By Dick Weisinger

Robots are getting increasingly sophisticated. A recent survey of robotic advancements made in 2018 by Guang-Zhong Yang and others in ScienceRobotics highlighted ten of last years innovations. The highlights include the advanced humanoid Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics, capable of

Cobots: Partnering Humans with Robots to Achieve Greater Efficiencies

By Dick Weisinger

Robots are increasingly being designed to be able to more closely interact with humans. The term ‘cobot’ refers to a robot that is designed to collaborate with a human, allowing them both to physically work together in a shared space.

Robotics: Despite Huge Interest and Benefits, Adoption is Low

By Dick Weisinger

Despite businesses expressing huge interest in the use of robots, IDC reports that only 16 percent of businesses have currently deployed any robots, although that might be changing because about half now say that they have plans to deploy them