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Security: Intellectual Property now Top Target of Cyber Thieves

By Dick Weisinger

Data theft by cyber hacking has become a top worry of businesses and organizations. Thieves are getting stealthier and use a variety of techniques to hack into data stores. Types of data loss include database leaks, cloud applications and removable

IoT and Security: Poor Device Security Plagues IoT

By Dick Weisinger

Globally, by 2020 there will be 20 billion connected devices. The problem is that many of these devices have zero to little security. Deepen Desai, vice president of security research at Zscaler, wrote that “It’s mind-boggling that in 2019 companies

Security: Quantum Computer Advances Threaten Encryption Security

By Dick Weisinger

How secure is your 4096-bit RSA-encrypted data? Pretty strong, at least by today’s current technology. But with the advent of quantum computers, today’s strong algorithms will become weaklings. Quantum computers are computers that are based on the quantum mechanical properties

Security: Big Data and Machine Learning Poised to Disrupt Legacy SEIM Market

By Dick Weisinger

SEIM — Security Information and Event Management — is software that helps businesses identify details behind cyber security threats. SEIM provides real-time data about network activity. It examines log and event data generated by servers, applications and security devices. Possible

Security: Privacy Rights versus Public Place Security Surveillance

By Dick Weisinger

Facial Recognition technology in public places has been banned in San Francisco. It’s somewhat ironic that one of the highest-density technology hubs would be the first place to put restrictions on the technology. China, on the other hand, has embraced