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Security: Data is the Best Weapon to Defend Against Data Breaches

By Dick Weisinger

“Companies are LOSING the cyberwar.  And it gets worse every year. Equifax is now in the news where records for 143 million Americans—that’s about half of us—were stolen,” said Larry Ellison, executive chairman of Oracle, in October 2017. Hackers have

Cryptocurrency Malware: Cybercriminals Target IoT Devices for Illicit Mining

By Dick Weisinger

Increasingly malware is infecting computers and Internet of Things (IoT) devices for the purpose of mining cryptocurrencies.  IoT devices are particularly vulnerable because, unlike most PCs, they often lack any sort of built-in security to prevent malware.  Often too, IoT

Cybersecurity: Users Stressed by Constant News of Data Hacks and Breaches

By Dick Weisinger

People are getting stressed out by worries of hacking and cyber threats. A Kaspersky Lab report found that 81 percent of Americans feel stressed every time they see news about data breaches. Heidi Hanna, executive director of the American Institute of

Security: Antivirus Software Can’t Keep Up with Next-Generation Malware

By Dick Weisinger

Malware is becoming more sophisticated and capable of evading standard antivirus software.  A survey from Minerva Labs found that antivirus software can protect only against about 70 percent of newer types of malware.  While the suggestion here is not to

Security: The Expensive Afterthought of not Designing for Security Up-Front

By Dick Weisinger

Security continues to be an afterthought in the development of new technologies. Ten years ago, Larry Dignan, editor in chief at ZDNet, had this observation about what the top priorities are for developer and customers: Software Developer Priorities Cook up applications