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Robotic Security: Hacked Robots Pose Safety Issues, especially for Humans Working Side by Side

By Dick Weisinger

Recent cyberattacks originating from IoT devices have caused many to be alarmed at the massive number of devices that are being hooked up to the internet with low to no security. The number of IoT-based attacks tripled in 2016.  But an

Cloud Computing and Security: Enterprises Do an About-Face and Embrace Public Cloud

By Dick Weisinger

Over the last few years the majority of businesses have done an about face on their thinking about the public cloud.  Security fears had led many to pursue implementing of private cloud infrastructure.  A new report from Intel Security says

Security: 2016 Saw the Return of Massive Volumes of Spam Email

By Dick Weisinger

Email servers are being swamped by in-coming spam.  A report by Cisco on cybersecurity finds that as much as 65 percent of all mail that is sent is spam and about 20 percent of the spam sent has malicious content.  The

Bad Bots: Increasingly Sophisticated in their Attack on Web Sites

By Dick Weisinger

Internet site traffic is increasingly attributed to visits by bot programs.  40 percent of all traffic on the internet is from bots, and half of those visits are made by bad bots.  Bots are software programs that automate tasks on the

Security: Businesses Biggest Fear From Data Breaches is Reputation Loss

By Dick Weisinger

Lost customer personal data.  That’s bad, but what businesses fear most about data breaches is the black mark on the reputation of the business.  Which explains why businesses frequently don’t report or attempt to delay any reports of loss of