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GPS Spoofs: Core Infrastructure Vulnerable to Hacking

By Dick Weisinger

The Global Positions System (GPS) is based on 32 navigational satellites that transmit location and time information. GPS enables accurate navigation of planes, boats and vehicles, and an increasing amount of critcal infrastructure is dependent on it. At any time,

PDF Exploits: Forging Electronic Signatures

By Dick Weisinger

Billions of electronic signatures are made every year. Adobe reports that they alone enabled 8 billion electronic signature transactions in their cloud product in 2017. A recent report by reports that the digital signature market size is expected to

Bad Bots: Malicious Algorithms that Impersonate Humans

By Dick Weisinger

Bad bots made up one-fifth of all web traffic according to Distil Network’s Bad Bot Report 2019. Bad bots are software that are programmed to visit web sites for the purposes of hijacking, web scraping, brute-force attacks, fraud, theft, spam,

Security: Black Hats Use AI to Weaponize Cyberattacks

By Dick Weisinger

The security industry has cheered new AI-based tools and techniques that will help them more effectively protect IT systems from malicious hacking. Koos Lodewijkx, vice president and chief technology officer at IBM Security, said “Is AI a silver bullet? Absolutely

Security: The CLOUD Act Enables Government Access to Data Stored Anywhere

By Dick Weisinger

The CLOUD Act, fully known as the Clarifying Lawful Use of Overseas Data Act, is causing quite a stir. The Act was passed and signed into law by Trump in March 2018. The CLOUD Act compels any US-based technology company