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Security: IoT and Mobile Challenge Cyber Security Professionals

By Dick Weisinger

A recent security report by  ISACA found security to be a top priority for many companies. The findings of the ISACA report include: 97 percent of organizations are seeing an increase in use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices 78 percent

Security and IoT: Most IoT Devices are Unsecured and Open to Hacking and Malware

By Dick Weisinger

80 percent of all Internet of Things (IoT) devices have security flaws and are vulnerable to an attack, according to a Ponemon study made earlier this year. That lack of security in many IoT devices is causing a major concern among organizations

Security and Risk Management: Four Vectors Repositioning the Direction of Today’s Security Market

By Dick Weisinger

Software, IT and technology have been in a constant state of rapid change for some time.  Specifically, in the area of security and risk management, businesses are rethinking their current strategies. Gartner recently identified what they are calling the four

Internet of Things (IoT) and Security: Increasingly Complex Device Connectivity Means that Security Strategies Need to be More Adaptive and Scalable

By Dick Weisinger

Protecting your computer from malware and viruses has been hard, but as technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) gain popularity and as computers are increasingly embedded into everything from clothing to refrigerators, the world of cybersecurity is becoming much

Security: Nearly Half of SharePoint Installations Experience Data Breaches

By Dick Weisinger

Organizations using SharePoint and File Sharing Tools often face problems trying to control sensitive data, according to a recent survey/report by Metalogix and the Ponemon Institute. The report found that: 49 percent of respondents reported a data breach in their