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Security: Recalibrating how the Risks and Costs of Cyber Breaches are Estimated

By Dick Weisinger

Evaluating the risks and costs involved in security breaches may not follow the common rule-of-thumb calculations that are now commonly performed. Ponemon and IBM have published an annual report that estimates the costs inflicted on businesses that suffer data breaches.

Security: Hacking Cases Spike Amid Pandemic Confusion

By Dick Weisinger

As workers stay home and access corporate systems remotely, a spike in hacking and security breaches is being reported. VMWare Carbon Black reports that ransomware attacks surged 148 percent in March over the levels in February. Tom Kellermann, VMware cybersecurity

Security: Authentication Without Passwords

By Dick Weisinger

Passwords have become a security problem that IT is hoping to plug. A Verizon report found that “if you are relying on username/email address and password, you are rolling the dice as far as password re-usage from other breaches or

Security: Open Source and Vulnerabilities

By Dick Weisinger

Open Source software and security. Are Open Source projects security focused and how nimble are they in addressing reported vulnerabilities? With more than 300 projects, one of the biggest Open Source groups is the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). Apache software

Security: The Protection of Homomorphic Encryption

By Dick Weisinger

Encryption provides security. With strong enough encryption, data can be fully secured so that no one other than you will be able to access the contents. Ultimately quantum computers may be break the code, but that’s not yet possible. The