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Global Cybersecurity: Spending is up as Businesses Protect Against Data Breaches and Data Loss

By Dick Weisinger

Security has rocketed from a sidelined underfunded priority to near the top of the priority list.  Gartner is forecasting a 7 percent increase in global security spending this year, or about $86.4 billion.  High profile data breaches have many businesses

Security: Will the Equifax Breach Bring an End to Social Security Numbers?

By Dick Weisinger

On Thursday last week, Equifax announced that they had discovered in late July 2017 that their website had had been hacked. The data on their site was breached and it is likely that the personal identifying information for as many

Cyberwarfare: An Outage of a Major Cloud Service Provider Due to Cyberattacks Could be as Damaging as Hurricane Katrina

By Dick Weisinger

Hacking and cyberattacks are growing in their frequency and intensity.  They have also become increasingly more sophisticated in how they target their victims. South Carolina reports that on election day 2016 that the state’s voter registration system was hit by

Open Source: Survey Finds that There is a Lot to Like about OS, but Some Big Gotchas, Especially with Security

By Dick Weisinger

Organizations are increasingly finding value in the use of open source, but they are slipping in their ability to effectively secure and manage the open source code that they use, according to a new study on Open Source by Black

Cloud Security: Market for Specialized Cloud Security Tools Grows Rapidly

By Dick Weisinger

The popularity of cloud computing drove $114 billion in revenues in 2016, and the cloud’s popularity is only increasing, and at a very rapid pace.  But as applications and data migrate to the cloud, so too does the need to