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Social Media: Email still Dwarfs Social Tools in Marketing Effectiveness

By Dick Weisinger

It’s not time just yet to write off email as a key marketing tool in favor of newer social media options.  A recent study by management consultants McKinsey & Company found that email is actually 40 times more effective in generating

Big Data: Personalizing the User Experience with Anticipatory Systems

By Dick Weisinger

Increasingly companies are creating Big Data sets to analyze and scan for insights.  But while most companies are collecting a lot more data than they previously were capable, there are a few companies, like internet giants Facebook and Google, which

Enterprise Social: A Slow Revolution in How Businesses Operate

By Dick Weisinger

About half of employees say that the use of social tools boosts their productivity at work.  But the problem is that many organizations don’t know how to formally respond to or to take advantage advantage of these tools.  Businesses worry

Enterprise Social Collaboration: Is anyone using it?

By Dick Weisinger

Enterprise users say that they’re using enterprise social collaboration software, but when asked specifically about which software tool they’re using, they mention Facebook and Twitter rather than software tools that were designed specifically for social enterprise users.  That result must

Open Source: Does a Collaborative Process for Developing Ideas Imply Innovation?

By Dick Weisinger

A goal of Open Source is that the model allows alliances to be built among randomly distributed remote developers.   The theory goes that the collective ingenuity of many remote contributors can focus together on improving and creating a much