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Device as a Service: Driving Lower and more Predictable Hardware Costs

By Dick Weisinger

Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) — is a business model for managing the deployment of hardware devices, similar to leasing. It involves outsourcing the procurement and maintenance of devices to an IT solution provider.  Businesses can scale up or down their hardware needs. 

Artificial Intelligence: The Replacement to Moore’s Law is Data

By Dick Weisinger

Gordon Moore noted in a 1965 paper that the density of integrated circuits doubled about every two years.  The rest is history.  Moore’s law proved to be remarkably accurate to even this day.  The current pace is closer to every

Cloud Computing: IBM and Oracle Cloud Businesses Fail to Impress

By Dick Weisinger

Oracle and IBM.  Big names.  Big vendors.  But are they being dropped from the pack? Mark Murphy, analyst at JPMorgan, said in June 2018 that “only 6.5% of vendors voted for Oracle as being indispensable to their operations. At the

Humans and Technology: Transforming Us for the Better?

By Dick Weisinger

Gartner recently outlined five areas where technology is transforming humanity. Mike J. Walker, research vice president at Gartner, said that “business and technology leaders will continue to face rapidly accelerating technology innovation that will profoundly impact the way they engage

Memory Chips: How Small Can They Go?

By Dick Weisinger

Peter Lee, a vice-president at Microsoft Research, said that “there’s a law about Moore’s law: The number of people predicting the death of Moore’s law doubles every two years.” How small can we go?  Scientists had thought that they’re hitting