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Technology: Forrester Wrongly Predicts the Death of Web Pages

By Dick Weisinger

The Cloud has dominated much of the discussion and direction of computing over the last few years.  Now Forrester says that the clouds are bringing  ’thunderstorms’.  The cloud combined with mobile is creating a new infrastructure that is dramatically changing our

Data Vitualization: Key to Data Integration Projects?

By Dick Weisinger

IDC and Gartner Research tell us that the amount of enterprise information is exploding.  In fact, enterprise data doubles every 18 months.  That’s a lot of data and the problem is only exacerbated because so much of the data in

WOA: The future of SOA?

By Dick Weisinger

First generation Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) services were built around technologies like SOAP and sophisticated WS-* specifications. But SOA has had a problem of bootstrapping itself into the mainstream and much of the delay in its uptake has been around

SOA: Expectations Cup One-Third Empty?

By Dick Weisinger

Informationweek recently published the results of a satisfaction survey given to 278 companies that have actively been trying out or at least kicking the tires of SOA technologies. Two-thirds of the respondents found the technology met or exceeded their expectations.

SOA/SaaS: SAP offers up A1S as On-Demand Platform

By Dick Weisinger

In the true spirit of SAP R/3-like product naming conventions, SAP has introduced the A1S on-demand platform.  [What does SAP stand for? -- Systeme, Anwendungen, Produkte (Systems, Applications, Products).]  But then Amazon’s names for EC2 and S3 services in the