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Data Centers: Ripe for Dramatic Changes

By Dick Weisinger

Data Center spending is expected to exceed $143 billion this year.  And with huge growth of applications and infrastructure moving to the cloud, the future of data center spending looks rosy.  But Gartner warns that the rosy expectations are likely

Security: Google and Dropbox Announce ‘Simply Secure’ Initiative

By Dick Weisinger

In collaboration with Open Technology, Google and Dropbox have announced an open-source initiative called ‘Simply Secure’.  The goal of the project is to make security technology easier to use and more transparent.  As the first step towards realizing that goal,

US Federal Cloud Computing: Now Represents 5 Percent of Total IT Budget

By Dick Weisinger

Last year the US Office of Management and Budget (OMB) forecast that the federal government would spend roughly $2.2 billion on cloud computing in 2014.  Three-quarters of the way through the year though, spending is now closer to be nearly $3

Cloud Data Management: SnowFlake: A Relational Database Built for the Cloud

By Dick Weisinger

In a world where Big Data technologies like Hadoop, HPCC and SAP HANA dominate the attention among most of the data analytics crowd, it’s almost an anomaly to hear anything about new relational database technology.  But today is different.  Today

Cloud Security: Businesses Worry about Putting Data in the Cloud, but they Worry about On-Premise Data Too

By Dick Weisinger

Putting an app in the cloud increases the likelihood of having a data breach.   Using cloud-based apps may increase the economic fallout from a data breach by more than a factor of three.  Those are two of the results from