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CSAIL and Computing: Faster WiFi and Routers. Faster Analytics.

By Dick Weisinger

The introduction of the internet brought with it a much more rapid software and hardware development cycle than had been seen before.  The new rapid development cycle referred to new features being rolled out at ‘Internet Speed‘.  Over the last

PLM: Small Businesses Adopt Cloud-Based PLM to Improve Design and Resource Utilization

By Dick Weisinger

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is the management of the entire lifecycle of a product from initial concept development through design, manufacture, service, maintenance, and ultimate disposal.  PLM is a very focused and dominated by a handful of large software vendors.

Enterprise Software: Idle Software Costing Businesses Billions

By Dick Weisinger

Businesses are losing billions of dollars on software they purchase but which goes unused, according to a survey by 1E. The 1E report looked at software installed on 4.6 million devices and examined the regularity of use of the software

Internet of Things (IoT): Preparing for the Upcoming Onslaught of Network Device Connections

By Dick Weisinger

Globally 21 billion IoT devices will be connected to enterprise networks by 2020 according to Gartner.  Gartner says that organizations need to prepare because there will be an ‘onslaught’ of IoT devices accessing corporate networks in just a short period

Health Care: Predictive Analytics Enable Better Health Outcomes

By Dick Weisinger

Data and predictive analytics when applied to health care has the potential to improve the quality of service.  80 percent of hospital executives said that they expect predictive analytics to help them improve patient care, based on a report from