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Big Data: Speeding up Big Data Processing with Apache Spark

By Dick Weisinger

Apache Spark is quickly gaining a strong following among Big Data users.  The big advantage of using Spark is that it allows in-memory processing which greatly speeds up the ingestion and processing of data.  Spark is also a bit more

Security: Employees Are Greatest Risk to Business Cyber Security

By Dick Weisinger

Careless and negligent employees are viewed as a top security risk by many companies now.  A report by Ponemon and Lumension found that 78 percent of businesses expressed that view.  Additionally, the increasing number of employees working from their home

Quantum Cryptography: Harnessing the Quantum Properties of Electrons to Secure Communication

By Dick Weisinger

Increasingly we are seeing that the achilles heel of modern digital technology is security. JP Morgan, Sony, Target, Anthem, and Uber are just a few of the examples of businesses that have all been headlined in the news because of

Digital Businesses Without Borders: Blurred Boundaries Bring Cross-Industry Competition

By Dick Weisinger

Since 2007, Apple is no longer ‘Apple Computer’.  The company is no longer focused on just making personal or business computer.  Apple is a multi-national company that sells both consumer and business electronics with expertise in both hardware and software

Apache Spark: Turbocharging Past Hadoop’s MapReduce

By Dick Weisinger

Apache Spark appears to be igniting Big Data projects in 2015.  Spark is an Apache open source engine built for Hadoop to perform sophisticated data analysis and analytics.  Compared to Hadoop-only applications, Spark applications are as much as 10 to