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Software-Defined Enterprise: Metanautix Quest Software-Defined Data Mart

By Dick Weisinger

A combination of Analytics, Cloud and Mobile are revolutionizing the way many enterprises work.  The fuel that’s powering these technologies is software and data.  The movement towards software started with software-defined servers or server virtualization, but it didn’t stop there.

3D Printing: Enabling Rapid Product Creation and Small Runs of Highly Custom Products

By Dick Weisinger

Use of 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is ramping up quickly based on a report by Sculpteo, a 3D printing company.  68 percent of current users of 3D printing are planning to increase their spending in 2015, and

Big Data: Velocity of Hadoop Adoption Tepid

By Dick Weisinger

The Hadoop hype may be petering out based on the results of a Gartner study.  Gartner found that only about one quarter of businesses say that they are doing anything at all with Hadoop, including piloting and just experimenting.  11

Container Technology: Startup Simplifies On-Premise Management of a Clustered Container Environment

By Dick Weisinger

Container technology is hot.  Docker is hot.  Containers provide a way to package up and encapsulate everything needed by a single application to run. Containers basically contain the entire runtime environment and all application dependencies, and because of that, containers

Open Source: Default Base for Software Development

By Dick Weisinger

For nine years the Black Duck and North Bridge Open Source Software survey has reviewed usage statistics of open source software across organizations.  In early years the survey results were eye-opening and surprising.  A decade ago few thought that open source