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Governance: Today’s Solutions Go Underutilized

By Dick Weisinger

GRC refers to an organization’s global approach to Governance, Risk Management and Compliance.  But GRC is much more than this relatively simple definition.  Paul Proctor, analyst at Gartner writes that, “when it comes to GRC technologies we have to define

Open Data: Making Better Use of Existing Resources

By Dick Weisinger

“Open data offers a new start for economic reform and productivity growth.  Leveraging the new possibilities of the Internet to make better use of existing resources, it offers us a way of getting past the political economy of winners and

Innovation and Disruption: Is it Bad to Undermine Stability?

By Dick Weisinger

Technology is considered disruptive when it appears, often unexpectedly, in the marketplace and creates a new market that grows at the expense of an existing one. Andy Rachleff  explains that disruptive technologies and products are not defined by being “better, cheaper and

Industrial 3D Printing: A Revolution in Manufacturing

By Dick Weisinger

Two-thirds of industrial manufacturers are beginning to explore the use of 3D printing (3DP) technology.  Those manufacturers are using 3DP to build prototypes and create final products, as reported by PWC in a recent report. President Obama in both his

Cloud Computing: The Coming Second Cloud Front will Be Even More Transformative

By Dick Weisinger

“The coming second cloud front will be transformative…   Applications, which are only possible in the cloud, will result in an order of magnitude greater value creation than the first cloud front,” said Michael Skok, general partner with North Bridge Venture Partners.