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Containers: “Build Once, Run Anywhere” Technology a Boon for Application Services

By Dick Weisinger

Containers are next-generation technology for packaging, deploying and running applications.  While not a direct substitute for virtual machines, they provide a better solution for the use case of creating an environment where an isolated application run.  Containers package applications in

SMAC: Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud

By Dick Weisinger

Convergence of new technologies.  IDC calls it the ‘Third Platform’.  Gartner refers to the “Nexus of Forces“.  Forrester talks about the Mobile Mind Shift.  Yet another term or buzzword, and one that is used frequently by CapGemini,   is SMAC

Blockchain: Decentralizing Data Authentication

By Dick Weisinger

Blockchain is the technology that’s enabled the virtual currency called Bitcoin.  Using blockchain it’s possible to exchange and record digital messages in a way that the integrity of the information can be maintained and unaltered without requiring a trusted centralized

Open Data: Poor Quality Threaten Usefulness of Data Sets

By Dick Weisinger

Open Data, data published by governments, organizations and businesses for use in the public domain, have touted economic and social benefits. A big problem though with Open Data is that it’s difficult to know the quality of the data that’s

IDC’s 3rd Platform: Predictions on the Direction of the Cloud, Big Data and Mobile in 2015

By Dick Weisinger

IDC recently released their predictions for the direction of IT in 2015.  These include: Within the ICT segment, one third of the spending will be on what IDC calls ‘3rd platform‘.  IDC refers to technologies like Cloud Computing, Big Data,