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Security: xDTM — Standardizing Digital Transactions

By Dick Weisinger

In 2000, the federal government decreed that ”A document or signature cannot be denied legal effect or enforceability solely because it is in electronic form” in the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act. Businesses are increasingly looking to digital transactions as a way to

Internet of Things: Beacons Enable Location-Aware Apps

By Dick Weisinger

Beacons, or proximity sensors, are low-power Bluetooth devices that can be placed anywhere and send out signals to people passing by on their smartphone or other mobile devices.  Retailers are particularly interested in the technology as a way to identify

Internet Browsers: Microsoft Deprecates Internet Explorer and Introduces Spartan

By Dick Weisinger

Coming this Summer, Microsoft plans to release the next version of the Windows OS, version 10.  Microsoft also recently announced that they will be phasing out Internet Explorer in this version of the operating system, being replaced by a new browser

File Formats: New Open Source Audio File Format Enables Easier Track Mixing

By Dick Weisinger

A new audio file format has been introduced by German-based-company Native Instruments.  The new open source format is called Stems and is unique because it allows an audio recording to be split into separate tracks or “stems”, like for bass,

Security: Low Technology Tools Highly Effective for Hacking Businesses

By Dick Weisinger

While businesses increasingly are beefing up security controls to prevent hackers from the outside from penetrating their computer systems, they often overlook their vulnerability from within their organization.  Low-tech hacking techniques for gaining access to systems can be very effective.