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Technology and the Automotive Industry: A Story of Disruption

By Dick Weisinger

Disruption from technology is hitting the automotive industry.  From self-driving automobiles and trucks to the introduction of electronic and gas-alternative powered vehicles, the industry is changing.  Apple, Google/Waymo, Baidu, Uber and Facebook all think that they can compete, not to mention

Security: Will the Equifax Breach Bring an End to Social Security Numbers?

By Dick Weisinger

On Thursday last week, Equifax announced that they had discovered in late July 2017 that their website had had been hacked. The data on their site was breached and it is likely that the personal identifying information for as many

Cognitive First: Letting Data Drive the Development Process

By Dick Weisinger

Data has become the fuel for a new breed of applications based on analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.  In recognition of that, one proposed method for developing applications is to first understand both the business problem and the data

Data Management: Real-Time Data Analytics Stymied by Delayed Data Loading

By Dick Weisinger

Data is important, and as technology evolves there are continually new formats being introduced for best representing the content represented by the data. Consider  IoT data, streaming data from external sources, sensor data, graphs, key/value pairs, video/audio/image, objects, JSON documents

Content Management: Marketing Content Viewed as Key Business Asset

By Dick Weisinger

Marketers use content to attract and interact with their customers.  The rise of social media has been a boon for marketers, but the complexity of managing marketing campaigns has increased.  Managing content for different engagement platforms and attempts to personalize