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2020: A Year of Both Change and Opportunity

By Dick Weisinger

Businesses are undergoing dramatic changes. Forrester predicts that 2020 will be a year where businesses redefine their organizational cultures, missions and values. It’s a lot of work, but it also offers a lot of opportunity to convert those changes into

The AI Manifesto: Condemning the “Dataoploly”

By Dick Weisinger

A manifesto written by Giovanni Buttarelli, former European chief data protection regulator, was published in late 2019. In that document Buttarelli promotes the use of data towards solving human problems rather than focusing on commercial and intrusive uses. The manifesto

DNA Digital Data Storage: The DNA of Things

By Dick Weisinger

DNA is nature’s method of data storage. New Scientist estimates that 1 gram of DNA could hold up to 455 exabytes of data, more than all the data currently held by Google and Facebook combined. DNA is highly compact and

Software and Fairness: The need for Ethics Engineering

By Dick Weisinger

Technology has become a cornerstone of most people’s lives, and its pervasiveness has many looking now at the ways it both positively and negatively affects our lives. While the positives of new technology are many, the negatives need to be

Tech M&A: Stifling or Innovative? Can Startups Escape the Kill Zone?

By Dick Weisinger

There were abundant tech mergers and acquisitions throughout 2019.Some of the notable acquisitions include: Paypal buys Honey for $4 billion.Google buying Fitbit for $2.1 billion.Facebook acquires CTRL-Labs for $1 billion.Workday buys Scout for $540 million. That’s a lot of money