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Digital Workplace: Will Collaboration Tools Ever be able to Replace Email?

By Dick Weisinger

Digital technology should be changing the landscape of the business office.  Despite that, when asked what workers say wastes most of their time at work, employees say that meetings and emails top their list of time wasters. Probably the same

Digital Transformation: It Should be an Investment and not a Cost Center

By Dick Weisinger

Digital transformation is the recent buzzword among analysts, like Gartner and IDC. It’s about the adoption of technology to bring innovation into business strategy, operations and customer experience.  Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has been subsumed into the sector now being

Security and Data Privacy: GDPR is only Months Away, Yet Businesses (and Regulators) are not Prepared

By Dick Weisinger

If you wonder what GDPR is, you aren’t alone. A survey of US businesses found that 98 percent aren’t sure of the specifics of GDPR. That’s partly understandable since GDPR is an EU regulation that is due to go into

Top 10 Strategic Technologies: Intelligence / Digital / Mesh Lead Top Technologies for 2018

By Dick Weisinger

It’s that time of year when analysts begin to reflect and summarize the technologies that will have the biggest impact over the next 12 months. Gartner recently released their list of the top ten strategic technologies for 2018. The technologies

IT Spending: 4.3 Percent Growth Forecast for 2017

By Dick Weisinger

Gartner predicts that global IT spending will hit $3.7 trillion in 2018, a 4.3 percent increase over spending in 2017.  Software spending is expected to increase by 8.5 percent and IT services will rise 4 percent. The top markets that