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Security: Visual Hacking Has 90 Percent Success Rate

By Dick Weisinger

Visual hacking is the use of confidential information seen on the screen or desktop of someone else, like a desktop, laptop or smartphone, for unauthorized use. Visual hacking can be an easy an effective way to break into networks and systems

SaaS and Security: Closing the Security Gaps Brought on by the Public Cloud

By Dick Weisinger

Increasingly businesses are adopting cloud and SaaS tools that promote business agility.  But the flip side of this benefit is that use of the cloud often bypasses standard corporate security.  Gartner estimates that in five years that more than one

Technology: Wearables as a Platform

By Dick Weisinger

Wearables are slowly beginning to challenge the capabilities of smartphones.  For example, researchers at the University of Alabama equipped a jacket with 10 Raspberry Pi computers and a small touch screen.  The jacket provides a hands-free access to the cloud that

File Sharing: Most Enterprise Cloud Based Applications Lack Strong Security

By Dick Weisinger

Most enterprise cloud-based applications have weak security, according to a new report by  Blue Coat. The report looked at 15,000 different enterprise cloud applications and 108 million enterprise document.  The following are some of the findings from the study: Enterprises use

Business Skill Gamification: Successes Enable Innovation and Greater Engagement

By Dick Weisinger

Business gamification — engaging employees in a way such that they learn or perform their jobs by playing games.  The idea is to turn a job into a game that can provide both engagement and motivation well beyond the incentives that