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Microservices: A new Brand of SOA?

By Dick Weisinger

Breaking something big down into smaller easier-to-manage components is a best-practice design technique that applies to many disciplines, especially software engineering.  The idea’s not necessarily new, but it is at the heart of a design approach being promoted recently called

Big Data: Shifting the Competitive Landscape of Industries

By Dick Weisinger

GE and Accenture have recently teamed up in a strategic alliance to jointly address big data problems.  In October, a GE/Accenture released a survey of 250 executives investigating how their businesses are using big data and predictive analytics. Key findings

Technology: Gartner’s Top Strategic Technologies for 2015

By Dick Weisinger

At the Gartner Symposium in Orlando last month, Gartner once again identified the top list of technology predictions for the coming year. The table below shows the predictions Gartner made for going into 2015. On the left are the predictions

Soft Robotics: Robots that can Weather the Elements

By Dick Weisinger

Robots are going soft.  Soft Robots, or ‘bio-inspired robots‘, aren’t made out of the stiff components of traditional robots.  They’re able to bend and contort themselves so as to move into spaces much more easily, and because there are no

CoreOS: Linux Vendors in the Crosshairs of Disruption

By Dick Weisinger

Linux distribution vendors like Red Hat, Canonical, and Suse are under threat of disruption from a repackaged and streamlined minimalist product from CoreOS. Cloud providers are intrigued with the technology, and CoreOS is now offered on AWS, Google Compute Engine, Rackspace, OpenStack