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Digital Twins: Virtual Modeling for Optimizing Performance of Both Products and People

By Dick Weisinger

Digital Twins.  Gartner says it’s a top technology for 2017, but what is it? A digital twin is a computer model of a physical object.  Every aspect of the object can be accounted for in the model, so it’s possible

IT in Upheaval: A Need to ReInvent in order to Avoid Irrelevance

By Dick Weisinger

Can IT remain relevant? Company Line of Businesses routinely bypass IT every chance they get. A recent report by Accenture on the plight of IT said that “IT is no longer seen as the optimal organization to quickly achieve business outcomes, nor are

Technology Trends: Gartner’s Ranking of the Top Ten Technologies that will Dominate 2017

By Dick Weisinger

Gartner recently identified what it sees as the top ten technology trends for 2017: AI and Advanced Machine Learning Intelligent Apps Intelligent Things Virtual and Augmented Reality Digital Twin Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers Conversational Systems Mesh App and Service Architecture

eSignatures: A Critical Component for Enabling Paperless Offices

By Dick Weisinger

eSignatures and Digital signatures.  What’s the difference?  An electronic signature is a symbol that says that a person has agreed to sign a document.  A digital signature is stronger in that it attaches a secure certificate to the symbol that

Javascript: JS Foundation to Encourage Collaboration and Adoption of JS Best practices

By Dick Weisinger

The formation of a group known as the JS Foundation was recently announced.  The goal of the group is to advance best practices and policies for Javascript application and server-side projects and to encourage collaboration in the development of new