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Records Management: GDPR to Enforce Compliance with Retention Policies

By Dick Weisinger

The importance of Records Management is being driven by European regulations that are scheduled to go into effect next year. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) attempts to strengthen data protection for individuals.  Non-compliance with the regulation will be costly, with

Security 2017: Cyberattacks and Hacking to Increase

By Dick Weisinger

Security predictions for 2017 from McAfee, Experian, the Ponemon Institute, and others are both bleak. Some of the predictions for the state of security in 2017 include: Ransomware will continue to plague users.  Symantec estimates there are more than 1000 cases per

Industrial Analytics: Applying Real-Time Data Analytics to Revolutionize Industrial Processes

By Dick Weisinger

Industry has discovered data.  Applying data to industrial business processes is supercharging industrial production and product management. This is industrial analytics. Real-time data analytics of machine, product and process data can reduce unscheduled downtimes, eliminate scrap by-products, improve production, and enable

Enterprise Video Content Management (EVCM): Enterprises Begin to Explore Management of Video

By Dick Weisinger

Enterprise Video Content Management (EVCM) is software that manages uploads, storage and delivery of video on demand in the enterprise.  The software may run either on-premise or as a service.  Management of video content has always been difficult because of

Cloud Computing Security: Enterprise IT Needs to Proactively Provide Secure Cloud Options

By Dick Weisinger

While File Sharing apps make the sharing of data easy, the use of third-party file sharing apps can put sensitive data at risk.  18 percent of documents being uploaded to file sharing apps contain sensitive information, according to a report