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GPU Computing: Massive Inexpensive Parallel Processing with GPUs Challenge Standard CPUs

By Dick Weisinger

GPUs were originally designed to attack very data-intensive graphic processing problems, used for rendering very complex images and for graphics in games and multimedia, and hence their name Graphic Processing Units (GPU).  What makes GPUs so powerful is the massive

Containers: Enabling Build-Once-Run-Anywhere Applications

By Dick Weisinger

Containers are stand-alone lightweight packages that provide a isolated environment for an application and its configuration complete with all needed dependencies and libraries.  Containers are easily provisioned in real-time and typically use far fewer resources than virtual machines. Robert Stroud, Forrester

Big Data: United Nations Offers Big Data Standard, but Can it Gain Traction?

By Dick Weisinger

When it comes to Big Data one thing that’s been missing is standards.  There is a myriad of products but interoperability isn’t a high priority design feature. Frank Walton, Faculty Member at City College of New York, says that “there’s chaos

Internet of Things (IoT): Confused? How will IoT be Used?

By Dick Weisinger

“IoT is now relevant to all organisations. Whether IoT applications are deployed to help IT function, driven by lines of business or through devices introduced by end users, various practices will need adapting to accommodate the millions of things involved

Software Development: Developers Shift Their Focus to Cloud

By Dick Weisinger

Software developers are shifting focus towards cloud development.  The cloud offers clear advantages when it comes to maintenance and updates.  The cloud also provides greater flexibility and agility. A Forrester report found that enterprises view cloud infrastructure as a better way