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Edge Computing: Businesses Benefit when Intelligence is Positioned Closer to Users and Devices

By Dick Weisinger

Edge computing refers to processing done by computers that are local to where data is generated. Gartner says that today only about 10 percent of data is created and then processed at the edge, but that will change dramatically by

Low Code Development: Focus on Business Logic Rather Than Software Internals

By Dick Weisinger

No-Code and Low-Code software tools are enabling businesses to accelerate their development and deployment of software. The tools are usable by analysts and other non-developers to build apps without the overhead of communicating requirements to developer teams. The focus of

Business Risks: Keeping Up with Pace of Change

By Dick Weisinger

Businesses are struggling keeping up with the pace of change. That’s the finding of Gartner’s 2Q19 report about what organizations say is the top risk that they’re concerned with. 71 percent of organizations say that the Pace of Change is

Open Data: Standardizing Agreements to Enable Easier Data Sharing and Collaboration

By Dick Weisinger

There are an abundant number of open source licenses to choose from to support the public sharing and collaboration of software code. These licenses include Apache, BSD, GNU, MIT, Mozilla and others. That’s not the case though when it comes

AI-based Cybersecurity: Benefits of Quicker Response and Lower Detection Costs

By Dick Weisinger

One-fifth of organizations say that they were victims of cyber break ins during 2018, according to a CapGemini report. And of those, 20 percent say that the costs associated with the breach totaled more than $50 million. Many think that