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Internet of Things: How Can Businesses Monetize IoT Technologies?

By Dick Weisinger

IoT is expected to revolutionize the way many industries work, but it’s also expected to be a blockbuster in terms of the dollars of revenue it will generate for those businesses that use it.  Cisco estimates that IoT will generate

Internet of Things: Spiraling Data Costs May Temper IoT Growth

By Dick Weisinger

IoT is coming, but are we ready?  The infrastructure needed to support the data generated by billions of IoT devices will be potentially staggering in size compared to today’s infrastructure.  Data network and communication costs can become expensive quickly. Tom Hunt,

Federal Cloud Computing: Government Cloud-First Strategy Gains Momentum

By Dick Weisinger

It has been five years since federal CIO Vivek Kundra established a “cloud-first” strategy for government computing.  Initial progress was slow, but in 2015 some positive results from the effort began appearing.  Kundra’s original plan was to slash IT spending by reducing dependence

Security: Number of Data Breaches Soar while Businesses Increasingly Hide Losses

By Dick Weisinger

The recent Symantec “Internet Security Threat Report” provides a disturbing overview of security threat trends.  The number of zer0-day threats is rising rapidly and today’s hackers are more increasingly sophisticated. The report estimates that more than half a billion records were compromised

Business Process Management: Businesses Report High Levels of Satisfaction

By Dick Weisinger

Business Process Management (BPM) software has high levels of satisfaction among users.  A recent report authored by Jorge Garcia, principal analyst at TEC, found that 44 percent of users were highly satisfied and another 40 percent were “somewhat” satisfied. The