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Internet of Things (IoT): Huge Growth Forecast Especially for the Enterprise

By Dick Weisinger

The Internet of Things (IoT) market is expected to triple in size and reach $1.7 trillion by 2020, estimates research group IDC.  The IoT market size for 2014 was estimated to be on the order of $650 billion.  The growth

3D Printing: Expect Numerous Legal, IP and Piracy Issues

By Dick Weisinger

Rapid evolution of technology is putting a strain on legal issues like privacy and ownership of ideas.  3D printing is one area that is increasingly being identified as a technology that can easily  infringe on IP rights. Many of the

3D Printing: A Leader of Disruptive manufacturing

By Dick Weisinger

The 3D printing market is growing rapidly as innovative printing products continue to be introduced.  Wohlers Associates estimates the annual global 3D printer market to be $7.3 billion in 2016 and to grow to $12.7 billion by 2018, and reach

Cloud Computing: Executives Believe that the Cloud is Accelerating Innovation and Productivity

By Dick Weisinger

In an SAP-sponsored report, Oxford Economics found that: 69 percent of organizations are expected to make medium-sized to large investments in the cloud over the next three years 44 percent of enterprises are using the cloud to help create new

ITaaS: Managing IT as a Separate Business Entity

By Dick Weisinger

IT as a Service (ITaaS) is a business operational model where the IT group is run as a separate entity from the rest of the organization, serving Line of Business (LOB) groups within the organization as its customers.  Often the