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New Language of Computing Programming: Google Go

By Dick Weisinger

Google’s Go open-source programming language is slowly growing mindshare.  Some are calling it a language made for the cloud.  The Go language is being used in popular projects like Heroku’s,, and Docker. But the Go language wasn’t originally created with aspirations for the

Internet of Things: Data Centers and Supply Chain to see Impact of Rapid Growth

By Dick Weisinger

In 2009 Gartner estimates that roughly .9 billion devices were connected to the Internet — the Internet of Things.  By 2020, they estimate that the number of devices will increase to 26 billion.  By 2020, IoT product and service providers

Data Quality: Poor Quality Threatens the Usability of Data Analytics

By Dick Weisinger

The National Audit Office in the UK recently found major problems in data quality that threaten a new £1 billion MoD inventory management system. But the UK MoD is not alone with data quality problems.  A report by Teksystems found

Programming: Google Readies New Version of Angular Javascript Framework

By Dick Weisinger

AngularJS 2.0 is an upgrade version of Google’s popular Javascript framework.  This new version has significant new features and is expected to be faster and simpler. Technology and web standards are evolving, and with those changes Javascript frameworks seem to come

Cloud Computing: Businesses Continue to Move Data to the Cloud

By Dick Weisinger

Nearly one third (31 percent) of companies have more than 40 percent of their workloads running on internal clouds, according to the respondents of a recent ODCA (Open Data Center Alliance) survey.  That’s expected to grow to 70 percent by