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Security: DNS and BGP Provide Shaky Foundation for Today’s Internet

By Dick Weisinger

Two foundations of the Internet are DNS and BGP.  The Domain Name System (DNS) determines where information will flow.  The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) determines the route taken to deliver the information.  The problem is that these systems were designed

OpenStack-as-a-Service: OpenStack to Gain Ground in 2015

By Dick Weisinger

“OpenStack is hot; and interest in containers is emerging [for company IT priorities in 2015],” says Dirk-Peter van Leeuwen, Red hat senior vice president. OpenStack is an open-source Apache-licensed cloud computing software platform.  It is typically used as the basis

Security: Employee Access to Data Too Often Far Exceeds What They Need to Know

By Dick Weisinger

Employees today often have access to information in their organizations that goes way beyond really what they need to be able to see.  A Ponemon survey sponsored by Varonis found that to be true across 71 percent of organizations.  And only 22

3D Printing: Looking for a Breakthrough that can Increase Volumes/Velocity

By Dick Weisinger

Manufacturers are increasingly trying to get a glimpse of the future by experimenting with 3D printing technology.  Manufacturers that have kicked the tires and are giving it limited use come from across a wide range of industries, including  aerospace, medical,

Big Data Analytics: Hadoop Grows a New Tech Economy — Hadooponomics

By Dick Weisinger

Big Data apps are increasingly being rolled out by businesses like Merck, Pfizer, GE, the Weather Channel and Facebook. Start talking about Big Data and many, if not most, people start thinking about about Hadoop.  Hadoop is an open source framework