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Programming: Google Readies New Version of Angular Javascript Framework

By Dick Weisinger

AngularJS 2.0 is an upgrade version of Google’s popular Javascript framework.  This new version has significant new features and is expected to be faster and simpler. Technology and web standards are evolving, and with those changes Javascript frameworks seem to come

Cloud Computing: Businesses Continue to Move Data to the Cloud

By Dick Weisinger

Nearly one third (31 percent) of companies have more than 40 percent of their workloads running on internal clouds, according to the respondents of a recent ODCA (Open Data Center Alliance) survey.  That’s expected to grow to 70 percent by

Storage: Weak Sales of External Storage in 2013

By Dick Weisinger

Gartner reports that global external storage sales increased just five percent in the fourth quarter of 2013 compared to the fourth quarter in 2012.  2013 fourth quarter external storage revenues totaled $6.3 billion,and total sales for all of 2013 came

Health Care Data Storage: Health Care IT Executives Worry about Rapid Data Growth

By Dick Weisinger

Over the next two years, data managed by health care providers about their patients and their businesses is expected to increase dramatically.  Three drivers for the huge uptake of data, as identified in an Iron Mountain report on HIMSS analytics,

ERP and Enterprise Software: Implementation Costs Drop Dramatically

By Dick Weisinger

The costs of ERP implementations are dropping significantly.  A survey by Panorama found that in 2012 the average cost to implement an ERP project was $7.1 million, but in 2013 the price tag had dropped to $2.8 million.  Even so, 54 percent