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Algorithmic Economy: Powering the Machine-to-Machine Age Economic Revolution

By Dick Weisinger

As technology advances, we are becoming increasingly dependent on algorithms for everything in our lives.  Algorithms that can solve our daily problems and tasks will do things like drive vehicles, control drone flight, and order supplies when they run low.  Algorithms

Enterprise Mobility: Gartner Cites Top Concerns of Security, Integration, and Rapid Change

By Dick Weisinger

Gartner recently reported at their Symposium that among IT decision makers the top concerns with enterprise mobility are: Security – More than two-thirds say that security, hacking, and malware is number one Integration – 46 percent say that they’re concerned

Continuous Development Versus Continuous Deployment: The Benefits and Worries. Which to Use?

By Dick Weisinger

You may have heard the terms continuous delivery and continuous deployment. What’s the difference these and how are they being used today? Continuous delivery is the use of very short cycles during software development.  It’s the philosophy for a software

Drones: Identifying Objects in the Sky with LED Light Signatures

By Dick Weisinger

There have been more than 650 sightings of unauthorized unmanned drones flying near aircraft so far in 2015 that have been reported to the FAA.  The number of incidents has nearly tripled since 2014.  Drones have interfered not only with aircraft

Fast Data: Cloudera Kudu Enables Fast Analytics and Efficient Updates

By Dick Weisinger

First there was Big Data and Hadoop, and now there is Fast Data. Cloudera’s new open source project Kudu offers fast analytics with efficient updates, combining the best of Hadoop’s HDFS and HBase.  The combination of the two enables the