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Security: IT Security is Too Reactive to Data Breaches Rather Than Being Proactive

By Dick Weisinger

Many businesses aren’t motivated by leaky IT security unless there is a major problem, according to a new survey by Ponemon.  It’s not until the loss of data becomes ‘significant’ that two-thirds of IT organizations say that they are motivated

Internet of Things (IoT): Most IoT Devices are Not Secure

By Dick Weisinger

Slightly less than half of people surveyed said that they thought that Internet of Thing (IoT) devices had very weak security.  In fact these users thought that less than 10 percent of IoT devices security is adequate, according to a

Serverless Architecture: The Cloud is Killing Open Source

By Dick Weisinger

Serverless architecture. It’s the promise of products like Amazon AWS Lambda.  The idea is that it’s not that there it doesn’t require servers and hardware, it’s a higher abstraction that thinks about computing resources as services rather than hardware, virtual

Big Data: Federal Agencies turn to “Anticipatory Intelligence”

By Dick Weisinger

Government intelligence agencies are experimenting with foreseeing problems and crimes before they happen by using predictive analytics.  This application of big data and analytics is being called “anticipatory intelligence” and is the main focus of a newly launched department within

Artificial Intelligence: Capturing the State of AI in 15 Stats

By Dick Weisinger

Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking earlier in the year all said that the rapid advance of Artificial Intelligence is something that we should be worried about.  Yet just a few months later Elon Musk was in the news for