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Open Source: On the Wrong Side of History

By Dick Weisinger

There have been more about-face comments in the news lately from Microsoft about the good which Open Source offers. Steve Ballmer, then CEO at Microsoft, said in 2000 that “Linux is a cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property

Cyber Hygiene: Seven Steps to Avoid Malware and Hackers

By Dick Weisinger

Cyberhygiene is the protection of access points for devices connected to a network. Appropriate security measures will monitor and protect computers, laptops, networks, printers, and operating systems from malware and other attacks that might attempt to breach security. Ali Dehghantanha,

Low Code Software: Tight Budgets and Application Modernization Plans Drive Adoption

By Dick Weisinger

Businesses are turning to low-code development as a way to still move forward with modern technology but with smaller teams of developers and power users. Low code tools are typically UI-based or allow users to easily configure changes to software

Technology: Intel Shocks by Considering Outsourcing

By Dick Weisinger

Intel has been struggling with further miniaturizations of chips. Initially they announced that the 10-nanometer scale chips would be available in 2017, but only now have they been able to reliably mass produce chips of that size. Next up are

Artificial Intelligence: GPT-3: The AI Algorithm that never has Writer’s Block

By Dick Weisinger

OpenAI, an AI business that started with Elon Musk funding, has released a text AI platform that they are calling GPT-3 (GPT==Generative Pretrained Transformer) . Since May, OpenAI has let some companies and reviewers preview the technology. GPT-3 is mamouth.