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Storage 2013: Trends in the Forecast for the Storage Market

By Dick Weisinger

As 2013 begins, we’re anything but in short supply with predictions about where the storage market is going for the new year.  It’s clear that many opinions abound.  Storage 2013 predictions, for example, were made by ITBusinessEdge InfoStore/ITBusinessEdge/StorageForum, Chris Poelker at ComputerWorld, Red Hat’s Ranga Rangachari, Margaret Dawson at CloudTech/Symform, Symantec, and ChannelPro.  And it’s likely that thisis far from being a complete list of the crystal-ball predictions for the 2013 storage market.

Top’s on nearly everyone’s list is guesses about how Big Data will affect the market going forward.

Matthew J. Schiltz, CEO of Symform, said that ”as we enter 2013, the massive growth of digital data and the challenges around how to secure, manage and store that data is only increasing — in spite of the many technologies and cloud solutions aimed at alleviating these issues.”  Symform predicts that “continued exponential data growth will result in increased investment in data management and Big Data.”

Rangachari suggests that “The basic tenets of big data reference architectures recommend a scale out storage infrastructure consisting of a collection of servers with small storage as opposed to a large monolithic scale up storage infrastructure… Flexibility, nimbleness, and adaptability will be the keys to success in big data storage.”

Software will dominate advances in storage solutions — a prediction held by software storage solutions.

Symantec predicts that “commodity hardware, appliances and cloud will become increasing reliant on smart software that will define and drive the future of data center computing.”  Similarly, Red Hat’s Rangachari predicts that “the rapid pace of innovation at the storage software layer is likely to fast outpace the innovation on the hardware arena. Today, software innovation is held captive by the pace of hardware innovation since the largest vendors often package their offerings as a hardware offering – monolithic proprietary hardware with a software layer that cannot be decoupled. We predict this will change in 2013 as a result of two pronounced trends – rapid commoditization and standardization at the hardware level combined with increased intelligence at the software layer.”

Henry Newman, writer for ITBusinessEdge, writes that “‘Consolidation’ is going to be next year’s buzz word. Large vendors are flush with cash and the folks in the investment community are applying significant pressure for growth and profits.”

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