During the lifecycle of a product a massive amount of information is created, reviewed, changed, and distributed. Technical prototype information and marketing data are transformed into intellectual property for design and engineering. These assets become detailed product and assembly plans stored as drawings or in CAD databases, which are eventually utilized in production processes on the factory floor. Additionally, vast amounts of data are required to support sales, distribution, operation, training, maintenance, and services. All the processes in this lifecycle affect the bottom line.

Formtek has been providing cost effective information management solutions to engineering and manufacturing organizations for over two decades. We understand the complex and demanding needs of sophisticated operations, and deliver secure, stable solutions to support them. The products and solutions offered by Formtek are designed to meet the needs of engineering organizations and mission critical programs.

Formtek offers solutions that create enterprise-wide shared data environments. Formtek | Orion enables information to be easily located and collaboration to occur. Formtek | Orion provides key functions that facilitate and reduce the effort that users spend during search and retrieval operations and ensures that up to date information is provided on-demand.

Formtek’s opens systems approach and broad platform support allows organizations to easily incorporate Formtek | Orion solution into their supporting infrastructure. Formtek | Orion offers workflow engines and collaboration tools that complement engineering processes such review/approval and change request by making critical information available to the right people at the right time while adhering to corporate security policies. Formtek | Orion is also designed to enable support for other major business applications such as ERP or MRP.