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Monthly Archives: January 2022

AI as Interviewer: Efficient and Fair or Biased and Opaque?

By Dick Weisinger

AI has become the preferred accelerator for automation and it is being applied now to the job interview, much to the chagrin of interviewees. As many as 83 percent of large businesses are using some type of AI within the

Retail and Facial Recognition: How Much are You Willing to Give up for Convenience?

By Dick Weisinger

Your face is unique and AI is being perfected to recognize anyone’s face. As a biometric identifier, the capability of facial recognition is powerful, obsoleting the need for passwords, drivers licenses, and other identifiers. It makes things easier. It also

Responsible AI: Doing it the Right Way

By Dick Weisinger

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being adopted by large numbers of organizations, governments and businesses and is being applied with great success to a myriad of types of problems. But many worry that if AI technology is not properly monitored, it

Battery Breakthrough: Rust

By Dick Weisinger

Joe Biden is pushing an agenda that promotes renewable energies like solar and wind. A major roadblock towards achieving greater use of these alternative energies though is the ability to store them during off-peak periods. Improved storage technologies will be

Security: Supply Chain Software Attacks Crack Trust in Vendor Software

By Dick Weisinger

The number of cyberattacks via software supply chains experienced double-digit percentage jumps in 2021, according to a study by the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC). Eva Velasquez, CEO of the ITRC, said that “while the number of data compromises is