Formtek Extensions for Alfresco

Formtek extensions are available for installation on Alfresco. These extensions improve the functionality within Alfresco and satisfy the use cases for many Alfresco implementations.


The extensions include:

  • The Formtek Auditing Extension is integrated with the Alfresco Share application to provide a complete audit log of actions performed on documents, folders, and other types of content stored in the Alfresco repository. The Auditing Extension records the action performed, the date and time the action occurred, the user who performed the action, and optional details on the action. Each document and folder maintains its own auditing information, and any user who can access the document or folder can also view its audit log.
    Additionally, administrators can use the Audit History or Workflow History tool to search the repository for audit records or workflow records based on a variety of search criteria. In addition to document and folder audit information, the Audit History tool provides audit information on other repository content such as sites and different types of data lists.
  • The Formtek CAD Rendering Extension provides custom transformers that render AutoCAD and MicroStation files for viewing within the Alfresco Share application. The CAD Rendering Extension automatically transforms DWG, DWT, DXF, DWF, and DGN file content into PDF (preview), PNG (thumbnail), and JPG (image preview) formats for use in Alfresco. The preview rendition includes the drawing’s model space and all layout views in the form of a multi-page PDF.
  • The Formtek File Linking Extension allows a single document or folder stored in Alfresco to be accessible from multiple locations without physically duplicating the item. A user who is able to access the document or folder is able to create a reference in any number of locations that links back to that physical item. The Extension then displays icons to indicate if the item has a reference or is a reference.
  • The Formtek Peer Association Extension allows you to associate a document or folder in Alfresco with any number of other documents and/or folders in the repository. Document Library status icons indicate when an item has an association and/or is an association for another item. When a document or folder has an association, the Details window displays an Associations panel with a link to each associated item.
  • The Formtek Version Browser Extension adds a Browse All Versions action that allows you to select any older document version to preview its contents and view its properties. Additionally, you can download a version, view a version in a new browser window (depending on the document format), or visually compare any two versions of the document side-by-side.
  • The Formtek PDF Rendering Extension allows you to create an on-demand PDF rendition of documents stored in the Alfresco repository. An optional watermark can also be included in the PDF rendition. The Extension supports many file types supported by Alfresco. The Download PDF Rendition action is available from both the Document Library and Document Details windows. PDF Rendering also allows watermarking on the rendered PDF.

Want more information?
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