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4D-Printing: Building Programmable Objects that Respond to External Stimuli

By Dick Weisinger

3D-printing has already had an big impact in the manufacturing and parts industries. 3D-printing is now used for everything from creating toys to appliances. But now, the next generation of the technology is getting ready to leapfrog what 3D-printing has

3D Bioprinting: Synthesizing Human Tissues and Organs

By Dick Weisinger

3D-printing applications are becoming common in manufacturing, art design, product development, and architecture. Bioprinting is an area where 3D-printing techniques have been applied to the fabrication of bioparts and tissues using living cells. Bioprinting is increasingly being used in medicine

3D Printing: Increasingly Used for Prototypes and Flexible Small-Scale Production

By Dick Weisinger

3D printing is being increasing used for both prototyping and production of new parts and products.  It is used to produce small quantities of consumer goods, and it has become widely adopted for aeronautic part production, an industry which produces

3D Printing: 3DP Systems Replacing Older Approaches to Automation

By Dick Weisinger

The 3D Printing market is growing rapidly.  A recent report by Gartner examines aerospace, medical devices, and consumer goods as three representative manufacturing segments where 3D printing is having a huge impact.  3D printing is revolutionizing both the processes and

3D Printing: Smarter Software Improves Quality and Speeds Up Printing

By Dick Weisinger

While 3D printing is growing in popularity, creating printed objects takes time. Because of that 3D printing is a long ways from being able to replace much of the large-scale mass productions that are manufactured using traditional technologies. Part of