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Data Lineage: Gaining Insight into the Data used for Analysis and Decisions

By Dick Weisinger

As data is being increasingly used with analytics, machine learning, and business intelligence, it’s important to have insight about the history of the data being used. Where it came from or was derived from? What is the age of the

Security: Risk from Insider Threats Continue to Grow

By Dick Weisinger

Insider threats are malicious activities that originate from people within an organization that have direct access to software and hardware systems, like current employees, former employees, contractors and business associates. Remote work and greater use of company-external tools like messaging

From AI to Automotive: Chip Shortage Stings

By Dick Weisinger

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a double-whammy on chip supply. It has increased demand as businesses add hardware to beef up their ability to provide remote-access infrastructure and provide laptops and other hardware for users working from home, and it

Risk and Security Management Trends: Cybersecurity in 2021

By Dick Weisinger

Gartner has named the top eight trends in cybersecurity for 2021. They are as follows: Cybersecurity Mesh – Centrally manage and orchestrate the policies and functions of security services across the organization and even now outside the traditional enterprise perimeter.

Decision Management: Not Being Able to Pivot Quickly Has Consequences

By Dick Weisinger

More than a year after the start of the COVID pandemic, from a business perspective, one thing learned from the experience is that it’s important for businesses to be flexible and be able to pivot quickly when the environment around