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Hardware: Growth in AI and Self-Driving Cars will Rescue Semiconductors. But When?

By Dick Weisinger

Sales of semiconductors have plunged in 2019. A weaker economy, the US trade war with China, and an oversupply of memory chips. The slump in semiconductors is the biggest since the 2008 recession. Predictions from Gartner and other analysts are

Program Synthesis: Software that Writes Itself

By Dick Weisinger

Can AI algorithms ever take over the role of software engineers? It may be a long ways away, but researchers are trying to teach computers to write software, a task that they’re calling ‘Program Synthesis’ or ‘Automated Programming’. Rajeev Alur,

Homomorphic Encryption: Secure Processing of Data

By Dick Weisinger

Homomorphic Encryption is the processing of data while it remains encrypted. If it can be used, it would make the processing of data, particularly data on servers in the cloud significantly more secure. The problem is though that while the

Security: Keeping In-Process Data Confidential

By Dick Weisinger

Data security. There are three data-protection scenarios for securing data in the cloud: Data at rest. Data in transit. Data in use. Traditionally the focus on data protection has been with data at rest and data in transit. Keeping data

Enterprise Software: Picking up Momentum

By Dick Weisinger

The Enterprise Software market spending is expect to reach $457 billion globally in 2019, according to SDRC. Hot Enterprise Software categories include digital transformation and custom solutions. A recent article by Alex Williams, publisher of the New Stack, for TechCrunch