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Security: Feds to Toughen Cybersecurity Measures in Response to Recent Hacks

By Dick Weisinger

Last week Wednesday, President Biden signed into law a sweeping order that attempts to combat cyber hacking. The order comes in the wake of numerous hacking cases, like the Colonial Pipeline, Microsoft Exchange, and SolarWinds. In all cases, infrastructure, federal

Computing Architecture: Client-Serverless

By Dick Weisinger

The Client-Server computing architecture was developed during the 1970’s. The arrival of personal computers (PCs) popularized this model of distributed computing and distinguished it from centralized computing with mainframes. Client-serverless is a more modern variation on the client-server model. Advantages

Security: Ransomware Attacks on US Infrastructure

By Dick Weisinger

5500 miles of the Colonial Pipeline has been shut down due to ransomware. The operation carries refined gasoline and jet fuel along the East Coast up to New York. The pipeline represents 45 percent of the East Coast fuel’s supply.

Big Code: Software Codebases Explode in Volume and Complexity

By Dick Weisinger

Software technology seems to know no bounds and continues to grow rapidly in almost every field. The result is that the complexity and volume of code is growing dramatically. Similar to ‘Big Data’, the trend is being called ‘Big Code’.

Digital Transformation: Building a Plan to Move Past COVID

By Dick Weisinger

Digital transformation offers companies the benefits of improved productivity, innovation, and reduced business process costs. But achieving digital transformation is difficult. Digital transformation isn’t a single thing. There are many options — where to begin? A whitepaper from Deloitte identifies