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Blockchain and Consensus: Will Cybercurrencies Drain the World’s Power Supplies?

By Dick Weisinger

Blockchain provides a decentralized way for tracking information. Blockchains eliminate the need for a central authority to control the accuracy of the information. The key to the trustworthiness of the blockchain is the consensus algorithm it uses to guarantee correctness.

NFTs and Crypto: Blockchain Team Up with Generative Art

By Dick Weisinger

Computer-generated art isn’t new. Abstract, geometric, and fractal artwork has been widely created since the early days of personal computers. What’s new now is the use of blockchain to lock down and verify the unique ownership of electronic artworks. Non-Fungible

IT Spending 2022: Key Areas include Enterprise Software, Remote Work, and Digital Transformation

By Dick Weisinger

IT spending made a comeback in 2021 and Gartner is forecasting a solid 5.5 percent growth rate in 2022. Enterprise software is expected to lead with 11.5 percent forecast. The reason is infrastructure spending. IT spending surpassed $4 trillion globally

Artificial Intelligence: Downsizing Estimates for AI

By Dick Weisinger

Forrester is downsizing its estimates for the future growth potential of Artificial Intelligence software. Previous estimates were targeting the AI market to reach into the $150 to $200 billion range by 2025. But, after reevaluation, Forrester says now that it

Natural Language: Lost in Translation

By Dick Weisinger

The quality of computer translation has improved phenomenally over the last twenty years. Tools like Google and Bing Translate allow users to instantly translate an email or web page to and from English and a different language. The translations are