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Cloud Repatriation: A Silver Lining or a Storm Brewing?

By Dick Weisinger

Cloud repatriation, the process of moving data and applications from cloud providers back in-house, is gaining momentum. As technology evolves, companies are increasingly bringing their data in-house, moving away from cloud providers like AWS and Azure. This trend is driven by a

Quantum Leap: The Dawn of Usable Quantum Computers

By Dick Weisinger

Quantum computing, a field that has long been dominated by tech giants like Google and IBM, is witnessing a paradigm shift. A fresh wave of innovation is sweeping across the quantum landscape, led by ambitious startups and researchers. They are moving away

3D Printing and Data Management/Analytics: Innovation from Synergies

By Dick Weisinger

3D printing and data management/analytics may seem like separate things, but they are closely related and mutually beneficial. 3D printing is the process of creating physical objects from digital models, while data management/analytics is the process of collecting, storing, analyzing,

Generative AI and Content Management: A Powerful Combination for Business Success

By Dick Weisinger

Content is king in the digital age, and businesses need to create and manage high-quality, relevant, and engaging content to attract and retain customers. However, content creation and management can be challenging, time-consuming, and costly, especially as the volume and

How Utilities Are Embracing Digital Transformation

By Dick Weisinger

The utilities sector is undergoing a major change as digital technologies are reshaping the way power and water are delivered and consumed. Digital transformation is the process of adopting new digital ways of working, often with the goal of reinventing