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Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI): Letting Humans Have the Final Say

By Dick Weisinger

The accuracy of many of today’s AI algorithms have been uncannily good. But not always, and that’s the problem. It’s hard to put trust in something that isn’t understood and often can’t be identically reproduced. Mission-critical applications aren’t able to

Open Source: Tech Companies Commandeer Open Source

By Dick Weisinger

There used to be a time when big tech companies either dismissed or disparaged Open Source projects. In 2005, Shai Agassi, then President of product at SAP, called Open Source “intellectual property socialism.” Bill Gates called Open Source a “new

Quantum Computing: Claiming Victory over Standard Silicon

By Dick Weisinger

Quantum computers are based on quantum physics theory. Information is encoded using special kinds of bits that can maintain more than two on-off states like traditional computers. Quantum encoding states are called qubits. A single quantum bit or qubit might

Artificial Intelligence: Workers Prefer Robots over Humans

By Dick Weisinger

The results are in. A survey of managers found that they’d rather have robots working for them than people. And on the flip side, a parallel report found that workers would rather have robots for managers rather than a person.

Smart City Ecosystems: An Invitation to Hackers?

By Dick Weisinger

By 2050 two-thirds of people will be living in urban areas. Smart application of technology to cities is expected to improve the quality of life for its citizens. Some of the goals of Smart Cities include utilizing resources efficiently, reducing