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Email Security: Google and Microsoft try to Simplify Email Security in Upcoming Releases

By Dick Weisinger

Sending unencrypted confidential information via email isn’t a good idea, but a survey from the American Bar Association (ABA) found that 64 percent of lawyers don’t use any method to encrypt or secure the confidential or privileged information that they

Multi-Cloud: Added Security and Control Complexities Outweigh Potential Feature Benefits

By Dick Weisinger

On average, mid to large companies are using five different cloud platforms for operations across their businesses, according to a study by Rightscale. Using more than one cloud platform has the advantage of choosing the best of breed for specific

Internet of Things (IoT) and BlockChain: Benefits Include Transparency, Decentralization, and Security

By Dick Weisinger

The Intenet of Things (IoT) is the connection of devices with sensors,software and electronics to the internet so that they can communicate and exchange information with other devices. McKinsey estimates that the intenet of things will generate up to $11.1

Database as a Service (DBaaS): Freeing Businesses to Focus on Data Modeling

By Dick Weisinger

Database as a Service (DBaaS) is simply database software running in the cloud.  Users don’t need to worry about how to provision or manage the implementation, upgrade and maintenance issues of the database.  DBaaS abstracts interactions with the database to

Digital Transformation and SMBs: Businesses See Technology as a Tool for Growth

By Dick Weisinger

Small and Medium-size businesses (SMB) are seeing value in adopting technology.  SMBs will spend more than $600 billion this year on new technology, especially in the area of digital transformation, according to a report by IDC.  That’s an increase in