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Cloud Computing and Security: The Cloud Presents Huge Opportunities but Demands Vigilance to Ensure Security

By Dick Weisinger

Compared to most on-premise IT centers, cloud offerings from major vendors, are more secure.  Typically security problems are the result of improperly implemented policies.  Gartner estimates that 95 percent of cloud security failures are a result of the customer making

Data Retention: Growth in Data Stresses Traditional Data Backups

By Dick Weisinger

It used to be that data retention policies were primarily centered on human-created documents and data.  With the growth of the internet and development of high-powered computers and sensors, that has all changed. Data generated by sensors and software is

Digital Transformation: Balancing the Risk of Getting it Wrong Versus the Risk of Not Doing Anything

By Dick Weisinger

FOMO – the Fear of Missing Out.  It’s a hot button that marketers love to push.  Digital Transformation is the current hype and has become a marketing mantra for many tech businesses. The marketers aren’t totally wrong.  It is big. 

Digital Twins: Data Models for Non-destructively Simulating Objects and Systems

By Dick Weisinger

As both software and hardware technologies advance, so does our ability to model and simulate the world around us digitally.  Digital twins pair a computer simulation of a physical object with an actual object or system.  Computer simulation is nondestructive

Storage Trends: Businesses Prefer Cloud Storage

By Dick Weisinger

The cloud is now the dominant form for storage, according to a 2018 survey by the Enterprise Storage Forum.  68 percent of businesses are using the cloud for some of their storage needs, and the cloud is the top choice