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Enterprise AI: A New Chapter in the Re-Invention of Businesses

By Dick Weisinger

Artificial Intelligence applied to the enterprise. What benefits can it bring? One example is teaching software to be able to perform repeatable tasks more efficiently than humans, and there is likely a lot of overlap with AI and traditional rules-based

Formtek Extends Engagement with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

By Dick Weisinger

September 21, 2021 Walnut Creek, California USA — Formtek, Inc. has received a Subcontract extension for professional services from The Regents of the University of California (the University). The Subcontract was issued under the University’s Prime Contract with the US

Bots: Hackers Program Bots to be Smarter and more Resilient

By Dick Weisinger

Malicious bots are doing blockchain. Researchers at Akamai have discovered a type of bot that can automatically update itself with new versions of software and new mother ship location information. Bots can interact with cron or system scheduling systems and

Fusion: Science Edges Closer to Success

By Dick Weisinger

Fusion is the combination of two “light atoms” to form a single bigger atom. Very high temperatures and pressures are needed for the process to happen. A byproduct of fusion is a very large amount of energy. Scientists have been

AI Regulations: Attempts to Tame the Risks

By Dick Weisinger

Regulators around the world are now in the process of writing laws that will attempt to manage how companies and governments can use artificial intelligence (AI). Regulation of AI is inevitable and can be expected to enacted soon. For example,