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5G and IoT Security: Proliferation of Devices Open Huge Attack Edge for Hackers

By Dick Weisinger

Deployment of 5G networks is becoming widespread. The advantages of 5G over 4G include much faster speed and lower latencies compared to 4G. And the capacity of 5G is significantly larger, as much as 20 times, which means that many

AI and Creativity: Can Machines Create with Innovation and Artistry?

By Dick Weisinger

What does it mean to be creative? Is creativity something that AI and machines can ever achieve? Creativity incorporates twists and turns that evoke surprise and appreciation of something that is unexpected and unique. We sense creativity when we experience

Synthetic Data and Digital Twins: A Synergistic Cycle of Continuous Improvement

By Dick Weisinger

The current generation of machine learning and AI algorithms require training with data. Lots of it. The algorithms scan massive amounts of data and are able to identify recurring patterns. After being trained, when the AI algorithm encounters similar data,

Artificial Intelligence: Improving Clinical Diagnoses and Patient Outcomes

By Dick Weisinger

It is unfortunate, but medical diagnostic errors are actually quite common. As many as 12 to 18 million medical diagnostic errors occur every year in the US. That’s about 5 percent of all clinal diagnostic tests. This is a contributor

Liquid Machine Learning: Resilience When Encountering the Unexpected

By Dick Weisinger

Machine Learning (ML) algorithms ingest massive amounts of data and are able to identify and pick out patterns that recur in the data. Once trained, when the algorithm is able to identify similar patterns when presented with a new data