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Security: Antivirus Software Can’t Keep Up with Next-Generation Malware

By Dick Weisinger

Malware is becoming more sophisticated and capable of evading standard antivirus software.  A survey from Minerva Labs found that antivirus software can protect only against about 70 percent of newer types of malware.  While the suggestion here is not to

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): Manufacturers Grow the Scope of their Deployed IoT Networks

By Dick Weisinger

Internet of Things is being widely and quickly adopted.  A recent survey by ON World found that more than one third of Industrial Internet of Things have more than 1000 nodes.  Roughly 12 percent of IIoT deployments have more than

Blockchain and Cybersecurity: The ‘Cyber’ of Cybersecurities doesn’t Equate to Cybersecure

By Dick Weisinger

While Blockchain technology forms the basis for how cybercurrencies work, the ‘cyber’ of cybersecurities does not mean that blockchain can be effectively used to solve other kinds of ‘cyber’ problems, like cybersecurity. Marta Piekarska, , said that blockchain is no magic

CyberSecurity: Businesses Powering the Criminal Economy Mirror LegitimateTechnology Businesses

By Dick Weisinger

A $1.5 trillion economy is controlled by cybercrime, according to a report by Bromium, Into the Web of Profit. The breakdown of illicit money derived from cybercrime activities is as follows: $860 billion – online illegal drugs and counterfeit goods

Dark Side of Big Data: Signs of Big Brother as Police Adopt Data Techniques

By Dick Weisinger

A dark side to the growth in the use of Big Data is potential abuse of data privacy.  One worry is that governments, even with potentially good intentions, may use data as a means of tracking and monitoring its citizens.