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Technology: Remote Work Goes Mainstream

By Dick Weisinger

Covid forced companies to shift many or all of their employees into remote work-from-home positions. Even as Covid wanes, the landscape of work has changed dramatically over just a few years. The results of some of the changes include: 16

Technology: Boring is often Better than Shiny New

By Dick Weisinger

Being an ‘early adopter’ has a sense of coolness about it that can be irresistable for a lot of people. But new technology generally comes with a unique set of glitches, bugs and incompatibilities, that in more cases than not,

Information Battery: Scheduling Computations to More Efficiently Utilize Renewable Energy

By Dick Weisinger

Renewable energies are limited by the constraints of their availability. No solar energy is collected at night and the amount of solar energy that can be collected is reduced by clouds and other weather phenomenon. Wind power is also dependent

Coding: Date-Format Bugs Cause Big Headaches

By Dick Weisinger

The days leading up to January 1, 2020 caused many IT teams worry because on that day the two-digit year abbreviation used for storing dates on many computer systems would roll over from 99 to 00. The date rollover was

Observability: Taking Monitoring to the Next Level

By Dick Weisinger

As businesses automate processes by using software tools like RPA and by deploying robotics in the workplace, they need a way for assessing the success of their automation efforts. ‘Observability’ describes the measurements and analysis that can help one better