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Disruption: 7 Technologies that will Change Everything

By Dick Weisinger

“The single largest challenge facing enterprises and technology providers today is digital disruption. The virtual nature of digital disruptions makes them much more difficult to deal with than past technology-triggered disruptions,” said Gartner’s Daryl Plummer. Plummer said that “disruption doesn’t

Aggregated AI: Combining AI Engines into SuperBots

By Dick Weisinger

There have been whirlwind advances by Artificial Intelligence over the past few years. AI that can beat humans at Chess, Go or Jeopardy. AI that can drive cars and drones. AI that is better than radiologists at reading X-Rays and

Data Privacy Audits: Using Security to Achieve Privacy

By Dick Weisinger

New regulations like the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in the EU and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) are putting a focus on how personal data is collected, used, and secured. Andrew Struthers-Kennedy, managing director at Protiviti, said that

IT Metrics: The Business of Success

By Dick Weisinger

What are the best metrics to measure the success of an IT group? You might consider some of the following: System up time/availability System performance Number of production problems listed by severity None of these, according to Gartner analysts. All

Security: 2019 Worst on Record for Cybersecurity

By Dick Weisinger

The close of 2019 caps the worst year on record for security and severity of data breaches. Compared to 2018, there was a 33 percent increase in the number of breaches and a 112 percent increase in the total number