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Augmented Workers: When Humans and Technology Collaborate

By Dick Weisinger

Automation. Robots. Algorithms. Technology is changing the workplace and how workers do their jobs. The fact that work changes isn’t new, but the pace that technology is changing work has picked up dramatically. Where the workplace change will take us

Photonic Computing: Leapfrogging Electronics to Propel the Next Generation of AI

By Dick Weisinger

Is it too good to be true? Startup Boston startup Lightmatter is developing a specialized photonic chip for processing AI algorithms. The company unveiled their Mars SoC chip in August. The Mars SoC chip is based around an optical tensor

Data Pipelines: Strong Data Skills Translate to High Business Value

By Dick Weisinger

Headlines tell us that Data is the ‘new oil’. Those businesses that have collected and analyzed data will be much more competitive than those that don’t. But how do we know? Data collected by IDC confirms the premise. IDC identified

Data Science: The Drudgery of Data Prep

By Dick Weisinger

Despite the glamour of being a Data Scientist, the reality is that much of the job is a bit of a drudge. A report by Anaconda found that a little less than half the time spent by a Data Scientist

IoT Security: DICE Secures Devices with Limited Resources

By Dick Weisinger

IoT Security has a reputation for being bad or non-existent. Vendors have focused on creating the functionality for their internet-connected devices without deep consideration about security. But as the number of internet-capable devices have increased, IoT devices become easy targets