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RPA: Proper Implementation can be Transformational

By Dick Weisinger

“Any technology that can reduce the costs of existing manual operations by 25% to 40% or more without changing existing systems, yet improve service and generate return on investment (ROI) in less than a year, can truly be described as

Bad Bots: Malicious Algorithms that Impersonate Humans

By Dick Weisinger

Bad bots made up one-fifth of all web traffic according to Distil Network’s Bad Bot Report 2019. Bad bots are software that are programmed to visit web sites for the purposes of hijacking, web scraping, brute-force attacks, fraud, theft, spam,

Chatbots: Interactive Customer Service Algorithms

By Dick Weisinger

Chatbots are gaining popularity as the technology improves and as customers increasingly expect to get immediate and consistent responses to their questions and interactions. Many businesses that want to be able to provide 24×7 support have deployed or are experimenting

Technology: On the Edge of Breakthrough in 2019

By Dick Weisinger

Bill Gates recently presented the top 10 technologies for MIT Technology Review that have been simmering for some time and are edging toward major breakthroughs in the very near term. Robot Dexterity – Industrial robots are getting better at picking

Security: Black Hats Use AI to Weaponize Cyberattacks

By Dick Weisinger

The security industry has cheered new AI-based tools and techniques that will help them more effectively protect IT systems from malicious hacking. Koos Lodewijkx, vice president and chief technology officer at IBM Security, said “Is AI a silver bullet? Absolutely