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Patents: New EU Patent Laws Target Tech Platforms

By Dick Weisinger

The Copyright Directive. It is a new copyright law passed by the EU that introduces reform to European copyright laws to try to “protect creativity in the digital age.” Article 11 of the directive requires businesses that display headlines and

Virtual Reality: Improved Technology, Lower Prices, and More Content on the Horizon

By Dick Weisinger

Virtual Reality, despite it’s potential, has been held back. The technology has struggled with glitches and bulky head gear. It’s been expensive (typically $400-800 for high-end devices) and the available content has been small. That’s likely to change over the

State of the Internet: Potentially Uplifting, but Crippled with Problems

By Dick Weisinger

An updated report by Mozilla on the state of the Internet finds troubling problems that cause it to categorize the Internet as ‘unhealthy’. The report identifies five areas of concern: Decentralization Digital Inclusion Openness Privacy & Security Web Literacy Another

Cloud Computing: ‘True’ Versus ‘Fake’ Cloud Computing – Does it Always Matter?

By Dick Weisinger

There’s no denying that the future of IT is in the cloud. Oracle, who in their early days had been accused of promoting fake cloud solutions. In late 2016, Oracle purchased NetSuite, and now, ironically, Oracle’s NetSuite advertising warns customers

3D Bioprinting: Synthesizing Human Tissues and Organs

By Dick Weisinger

3D-printing applications are becoming common in manufacturing, art design, product development, and architecture. Bioprinting is an area where 3D-printing techniques have been applied to the fabrication of bioparts and tissues using living cells. Bioprinting is increasingly being used in medicine