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Internet of Things: Securing IoT Devices with Unique Hardware Fingerprints

By Dick Weisinger

A major roadblock to the successful scale up of the Internet of Things technology is security. The majority of the current generation of sensors and control devices attached to the internet are easily hackable. One proposed solution is called PUF,

AR and VR: Expect Dramatic Growth in 2020

By Dick Weisinger

The market for Augmented and Virtual Reality is exploding. Analysts had high expectation early in the year. But people sheltering at home this year from the pandemic may spike the numbers even stronger. Jitesh Ubrani, research manager of IDC mobile

Quantum Breakthroughs: Scientists Set Sights on Quantum Computing

By Dick Weisinger

‘Breakthrough’ echoed across science journal headlines these past few weeks in the world of quantum computing. Scientists across the globe are focused on advancing the capabilities of quantum computing and barriers are falling. Some of the breakthrough headlines include: A

Security: Recalibrating how the Risks and Costs of Cyber Breaches are Estimated

By Dick Weisinger

Evaluating the risks and costs involved in security breaches may not follow the common rule-of-thumb calculations that are now commonly performed. Ponemon and IBM have published an annual report that estimates the costs inflicted on businesses that suffer data breaches.

Data Resiliency: Protecting Against Data Loss

By Dick Weisinger

Resiliency in IT refers to systems that can survive failures while still remaining functional for the end user. Data resiliency means that despite system failures, the data itself remains intact and unaffected. The Global Data Resiliency Market is expected to