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Cloud Computing: The Big Nine

By Dick Weisinger

Nine vendors are dominating the cloud ecosystem in the US, according to recent research from Synergy Research Group. Of those nine vendors, the top four are Microsoft, Amazon/AWS, Dell EMC and IBM. Synergy measured seven different cloud services and infrastructure

Artificial Intelligence Hardware: The Foundation for the AI Revolution

By Dick Weisinger

AI is affecting all aspects of both our work and life. Karl Freund, Senior Analyst at Moor Insights and Strategy, said that “I cannot think of an industry that will not be impacted. From government to education to finance to

Big Data and Analytics 2019: Five Trends

By Dick Weisinger

There is little disagreement among analyst groups that the Big Data and Analytics market is big and growing rapidly. Forrester says that Big Data software had revenues of $31 billion in 2018. IDC estimates that revenues from Big Data and

IoT 2019: Five Trends

By Dick Weisinger

Big growth is expected for the Internet of Things (IoT) in 2019. Outlined below are some of the trends that we can expect for the coming year. SecurityOne glaring problem with IoT devices that was exposed multiple times in 2018

Digital Immortality: Using AI to Impersonate

By Dick Weisinger

Digital impersonations are becoming a reality. Artificial intelligence and machine learning is being applied to simulate a human. By using data sets that include voice and video recordings, and writings, papers and notes, a digital replica for a person is