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Semiconductors: A Silicon-Alternative with 10x Better Thermal Conductivity

By Dick Weisinger

Cubic Boron Arsenide has been identified as a material which has far superior semiconducting properties compared to the currently ubiquitously used silicon, according to research from work done at MIT, the University of Houston, and other institutions. Silicon is used

Sky Computing: Making Multicloud a Piece of Cake

By Dick Weisinger

More than 94 percent of businesses are using at least one cloud service, according to Right Scale. And Statista estimates than more than 50 percent of corporate data is in the cloud. With businesses finally becoming comfortable with using the

Security: Lax or Misconfigured Permissions Source of Many Incidents

By Dick Weisinger

Cloud security issues are often blamed on human errors made during system configuration. A recent study by Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 drilled down more on this claim and found misconfiguration of user security access was often the source of

Open Source: The Open Core Conundrum

By Dick Weisinger

Open Source software is publicly accessible and can be downloaded, modified, and reused. It is developed in a decentralized way with peer collaboration and review. Open Core is a business model where a company drives creates an open-source software project

Artificial and Natural Intelligence: Will Future AI Act as Human Avatars?

By Dick Weisinger

Natural Intelligence (NI) is biological DNA-based brain power. It is the wisdom that humans have evolved, developed, and passed down through generations. Contrast Natural Intelligence with man-made Artificial Intelligence. An essay in Scientific American depicts AI as a human avatar