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Manufacturing: Smart Factories Enabled by Digital Transformation and Advanced Manufacturing

By Dick Weisinger

In an effort to accelerate and modernize their operations, manufacturers are beginning to spend on technology, especially for data management, data analytics, and digital services. ABI Research estimates that manufacturers and industrial firms will be spending $19.8 billion annually on

Cloud Computing: Hybrid Cloud is Most Common Architecture

By Dick Weisinger

Hybrid cloud computing is a unified computing infrastructure that incorporates data and services from both private and public clouds. Hybrid cloud has become the most common architecture used by organizations, according to a survey by Denodo. It is used by

Tech Spending: COVID-19 Forces IT to Shift Priorities and Spending

By Dick Weisinger

Covid-19 concerns and how to address the pandemic has had IT managers’ heads spinning trying to figure out what it all means. Covid-19 is expected to drive an economic slowdown and recession. Normally, recessions would cause IT to pull back

Blockchain: China’s Plan to Dominate Distributed Ledger Apps (dApps)

By Dick Weisinger

China has been wary of the decentralized capabilities of blockchain, and they’ve devised a solution that gives them back control. In April, the Chinese government rolled out the Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN). The system has attracted about 6000 enterprise, government

Technologies Strategic to Business Intelligence

By Dick Weisinger

Dresner Advisory recently released a report on Data Pipelines in 2020 that reports the support technologies most strategic to Business Intelligence. Manufacturing is one of the top three industries that places the highest priority on data integration 80 percent of