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Edge Computing: Growth of Micro Data Centers

By Dick Weisinger

The move to cloud computing has been one of centralization into massive data centers with thousands of servers. Edge computing seeks to undo centralization and move computing power back to the location of the data source. Gartner predicts that by

Phase Change Memory: Faster Access Time and Lower Power Consumption

By Dick Weisinger

Phase Change Memory (PCM) is a new type of non-volatile computer memory that can respond very quickly, making it competitive with RAM memory, while capable of storing data with very low power requirements. Phase change materials store data as bits

AI Chips: Special-Purpose Chips Accelerate New Algorithms

By Dick Weisinger

Artificial Intelligence is being used everywhere, but so far the technology has been built on general purpose CPU and GPU computing chips. The next generation of AI will be based on special-purpose, much more efficient computer chips for AI. Today’s

Connected Vehicles: Smart Cars are Safer and More Efficient

By Dick Weisinger

Automakers are gearing up for a world of connected vehicles. Those vehicles that have access to the Internet, typically via a wireless local area network (WLAN), and are able to bi-directionally communicate with both with cloud services and other vehicles.

Data Centers: Steady Growth of Hyperscale Data Centers

By Dick Weisinger

The scale up to massive data centers is a trend being called Hyperscale Data Centers. By the end of second quarter 2020 there were 541 hyperscale data centers. The definition of hyperscale is that there are more than 5000 servers