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Cloud Data Management: Addressing Challenges and Enabling Seamless Workflows

By Dick Weisinger

Cloud data management is a complex task that presents new challenges as organizations embrace diverse cloud IT infrastructures. The need for efficient data management across multiple environments requires innovative solutions that can provide control over business data in both cloud

Demystifying Digital Transformation: Key Insights and Common Misconceptions

By Dick Weisinger

In today’s business landscape, the term “digital transformation” is frequently tossed around, encompassing various interpretations. However, it is crucial to understand its true essence and debunk common misconceptions surrounding this paradigm shift. Digital transformation is not just about adopting emerging

Digital Transformation: Security Cracks with New Innovation

By Dick Weisinger

Digital transformation has become a critical component of many business plans to differentiate themselves in the market, or increasingly more frequently, to just stay competitive. Digital transformation brings with it benefits that include increased agility, data-based insights, improved customer satisfaction,

Digital Threads: The Digital Manufacturing Lifecycle

By Dick Weisinger

Digital Thread refers to the complete digital lifecycle of a product from design, production, evaluation, and end of life. The term was first used in 2013 by the US Air Force and has caught on, especially as a concept that

Digital Transformation: Better Results When People are Prioritized over Projects

By Dick Weisinger

COVID work-from-home policies pushed employees and students into always-on screens-up virtual existences. The digital-first worlds that people lived through during COVID brought with them a type of health issue called ‘digital fatigue‘. Too much screen time: Too much Zoom, Skype,