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Digital Transformation: Businesses Continue to Accelerate Towards Digital in 2021

By Dick Weisinger

Gartner predicts that global IT spending in 2021 will be close to $4 trillion, a 6.2 percent increase from 2021. Digital transformation is one area that is driving growth. A study by McKinsey found that many businesses were pressured into

Digital Transformation: Building a Plan to Move Past COVID

By Dick Weisinger

Digital transformation offers companies the benefits of improved productivity, innovation, and reduced business process costs. But achieving digital transformation is difficult. Digital transformation isn’t a single thing. There are many options — where to begin? A whitepaper from Deloitte identifies

Digital Transformation: Investing in Competitiveness

By Dick Weisinger

CIOs and IT leaders rate Digital Transformation as their number one priority according to the CIO Outlook 2021 Report. The 2020 Pandemic has caused CIOs to see the importance of digital when large number of workers engage in remote work.

Digital Transformation: Business Leaders Aren’t Prepared for IT Modernization

By Dick Weisinger

60 percent of IT leaders of large and mid-sized businesses say that their companies just aren’t ready to move ahead with IT modernization, based on survey results from IBM. Spearheading the modernization of businesses is a move to the cloud.

Digital Transformation: CIOs are Spending more in 2021

By Dick Weisinger

CIOs are on schedule to increase IT spending by 8 percent in 2021, according to Gartner. Andy Rowsell-Jones, research VP at Gartner, said that “the support for remote work that the COVID-19 pandemic brought on might be the biggest win