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Cloud Data Management: Provides Benefits of Cost Savings and Efficiency

By Dick Weisinger

A combination of one part cloud computing and another part data management builds the foundation of a one of top-priority components for many enterprise CIOs: Cloud Data Management. The benefits of managing enterprise data in the cloud include: Centralizes the

Digital Manufacturing: Bringing Change to Supply Chain and Factory Operations

By Dick Weisinger

Manufacturing is going digital. Over 90 percent of manufacturers are adopting digital techniques, according to a manufacturing report from fictiv. Manufacturers are prioritizing customer satisfaction and supply chain visibility as their top two reasons for adopting digital, and 93 percent

Data Quality: The Critical Factor for Analytics Success

By Dick Weisinger

Do you trust your data? It’s increasingly easy to tap data into data analytics, machine learning, and other AI tools, but if the data itself is flawed, out of date, or incomplete, the exercise can turn into a classic case

Data Management: Merging Data Sources with Blending

By Dick Weisinger

Data Blending is a technique to combine data from multiple sources. The data is combined into a new dataset which can then be used for analysis or visual presentation. Recently many analysis products like Tableau and Google Data Studio have

Data Management: Applying the Lessons of Cloud Operations to On-Premise

By Dick Weisinger

There are a lot of benefits to effectively using data. “Getting data right” means that your business is healthy and is able to move forward with new initiatives easily. It means that company leaders are more easily able to inspire