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Data: Organizations Struggle to Keep Pace with Growing Inflows of Data

By Dick Weisinger

Data has become a paradox for many organizations. Surveys show that businesses see great value in acquiring data. Two-thirds say that they aspire to be ‘data-driven’ companies. On one hand these companies say that they need to acquire even more

Containerizing Traditional Databases: Managing Apps with State in Containers

By Dick Weisinger

Containerization is gaining wide acceptance across organizations. Gartner predicts that by 2022, 75 percent of organizations will be using containerized applications in production. Carl Olofoson, vice president at IDC, said that “many databases were not designed to be cloud native,

Data Mesh: Avoiding the Swamp of Centralization

By Dick Weisinger

The centralization of data has been a core design concept of enterprise data management. Data platforms like data lakes and data warehouses try to pool data from dispersed systems into a central access point so that all data can be

Decentralizing Data: Escape from Command and Control

By Dick Weisinger

Centralization has advantages. Big volumes mean that that there can be a focused vision on standardization, efficiencies, and cost savings. Data is more easily secured, stored and managed. Reporting is easier, and when there is abundant data, business analysis and

Data: Unprecedented Volumes and Speed of Creation

By Dick Weisinger

For better or worse, we’ve become a data-centric society. Analyst firm IDC and Business Cloud company Domo have annual surveys that estimate the amount of data we create, where it is stored, and how we use it. The IDC report