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Synthetic Data and Digital Twins: A Synergistic Cycle of Continuous Improvement

By Dick Weisinger

The current generation of machine learning and AI algorithms require training with data. Lots of it. The algorithms scan massive amounts of data and are able to identify recurring patterns. After being trained, when the AI algorithm encounters similar data,

Master Data Management: Architecting a Consistent Source across the Business for Data

By Dick Weisinger

Master Data Management is a discipline for data management that uses technology and processes to create a single representation of the data that describe business objects, like customers, suppliers, employees, products, stores, etc. It helps ensure that company-wide everyone has

Data Democratization: Transforming the Workplace with Data Accessibility

By Dick Weisinger

Data is the “new oil”. It’s the “the currency of business, it’s the lifeblood of growth, innovation and profitability.” Data is “the center of today’s businesses”. “Data drives all aspects of an organization, where the more a company can leverage,

Data Management: Businesses Often Struggle to Demonstrate Value and ROI

By Dick Weisinger

Long term investments into data warehousing may not be paying off, according to a survey by Dremio. The study found that only 22 percent of companies felt that they’ve seen a positive return on their software investment, although this is

Data Mesh: Pushback to Centralized Repositories, Data Lakes, and Data Warehouses

By Dick Weisinger

Data is empowering and is changing the dynamics at many organizations. Greater access to data levels the business hierarchy. Organizations are growing flatter and staff members are being entrusted with greater authority and more decision capability. Data itself though has