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Data Management: Merging Data Sources with Blending

By Dick Weisinger

Data Blending is a technique to combine data from multiple sources. The data is combined into a new dataset which can then be used for analysis or visual presentation. Recently many analysis products like Tableau and Google Data Studio have

Data Management: Applying the Lessons of Cloud Operations to On-Premise

By Dick Weisinger

There are a lot of benefits to effectively using data. “Getting data right” means that your business is healthy and is able to move forward with new initiatives easily. It means that company leaders are more easily able to inspire

Databases: Cloud DBs Rule

By Dick Weisinger

The cloud has reshaped and reinvigorated the database market. Oracle, long the market leader in Databases, is seeing its grip on the market slowly slip. The database market is transitioning from being the engine found in enterprise IT datacenters to

Data Automation: IT Teams Adopt Productivity Tool to Stay Abreast of Growing Data Volumes

By Dick Weisinger

Data Automation is the upload, transformation, storage, processing, and analysis of data using automated procedures rather than manual ones. Data is becoming increasingly important for organizations, but as the volume of data has increased, many IT groups are overwhelmed with

Data-Centric AI: Shifting the Focus from Big Data to Good Data

By Dick Weisinger

Quality of data may be the number one requirement for data analytics and AI project success, but not far behind in the list of requirements is the volume of the data that is analyzed or used for AI training. Curernt