Alfresco – A powerful, scalable, and extensible enterprise content platform

Alfresco is the open platform for business critical document management and collaboration, helping great businesses share, organize and protect their content. More than 7 million people in over 180 countries use Alfresco to collaborate and manage over 4 billion documents worldwide. Whether on the go or in the office, Alfresco empowers today’s teams to do great work.

Formtek offers:

  • Alfresco One Annual subscription based licensing
  • Level 1 Support and/or Level 1 Backup Support
  • Consulting, Customization, Integration and Implementation Support for Alfresco One
  • Document Management

    Alfresco provides all of the core document management services in an open source system that can handle any of your business-critical content – office documents, scanned images, photographs, engineering drawings, and even large video files.

    • Library services, check-in/out
    • Major and minor version control
    • Shared drive interface
    • Online Viewing without download
    • MS Office & GoogleDocs Integration
    • Configurable types and attributes
    • Automatic metadata extraction
    • Powerful search facilities
    • Transformation Services
    • Single Sign-On
  • Enterprise Collaboration

    With Alfresco, organizations can offer a consumer-like file sharing, document collaboration and mobile experience to users, combined with the security and control required by the organization. Alfresco’s sync-to-cloud capability allows users to invite external parties to collaborate in Alfresco’s secure collaboration cloud, without putting the enterprise at risk.

    • Project dashboards
    • Shared project and team sites
    • Project calendars and activities
    • Wikis, blogs, lists, FAQ’s
    • On-premise to Cloud synchronization
    • External links
    • Discussion forums and comments
    • Follow and Like
    • Notifications and activity feeds
    • IMAP-enabled
  • Workflow and Process Automation

    By implementing rules and custom document workflow actions within the platform, Alfresco can automate your business processes – saving you time and money, and freeing up resources.

    • Both simple and advanced workflow
    • Rules-driven task assignment
    • Configurable rules and actions
    • Processing rules for folders
    • Embedded Activity workflow engine
    • Configurable process templates
    • Pre-defined review and approval
    • Workflow dashboards
  • Records Management

    Alfresco Records Management (RM) helps capture, control and manage vital corporate information – much of which resides in business documents, emails, and financial reports. Designed as a simple to use, simple to deploy, cost-effective open source records management solution, Alfresco removes many of the hurdles associated with traditional, legacy RM software solutions.

    • Flexible file plans
    • Auto-numbering
    • Automated classification based on type
    • Automated lifecycle management
    • Configurable retention policies
    • Configurable dashboards
    • Full disposition support
    • Rapid eDiscovery
    • Automated conversion to archival format
    • Do D 5015.02 certified
  • Alfresco Mobile

    Alfresco Mobile is the first enterprise-grade mobile content management and business process automation tool that allows a true ROI from your mobile investment. Users will become more productive using mobile devices by having access to the content and processes they need to get their job done – no matter where their business takes them.

    • Mobile accessibility to content
    • Social collaboration features
    • Workflow and task participation
    • Full time data encryption
    • Advanced security features
    • Integrations via the Alfresco Mobile SDK