Formtek | Orion Foundation Server

The Formtek | Orion 5 Foundation Server is at the heart of the Formtek CRS architecture. The Foundation Server maintains content management privileges, controls, security, and metadata. This layer contains the content repository, which provides the rules for content modeling and management structures. The Orion 5 Foundation Server offers an extremely robust and flexible security model that allows control profiles to vary content presentation by per-object, per-user, per-workgroup, and per-release state.

The Formtek | Orion Foundation server provides several components upon installation:

  • The Formtek | Orion 5 Vault/Schema is installed onto an existing Oracle database.
  • The Formtek | Orion 5 Storage Server module is designed to support an efficient distributed repository system with distributed access. Orion allows volumes to be encrypted, on option, to enhance the security to your enterprise content.
  • The Formtek | Orion 5 Command Server module is an optional installation component provided to allow the use of Orion event triggers.
  • The Formtek | Orion 5 License Server module manages the customer’s license requirements. Orion 5 is licensed via named or concurrent users.

Formtek | Orion 5 Administration

Formtek | Orion 5 Administration provides comprehensive Orion system administration capabilities via a web browser client with the following easy-to-use modules:

  • Users – To manage user accounts, assign and modify roles, enable or disable privileges, and manage user licenses
  • Groups – To manage groups of users and/or other groups
  • Security – To manage Access Control Lists (ACLs) by group, role, and state
  • Types – To manage the data formats of the documents stored in Orion volumes
  • Volumes – To manage Orion volumes, configure one or more default volumes, list the files in a volume, and move files between volumes
  • Classes – To manage Orion classes and define the identifiers, indexes, and export formats for each class
  • Transactions – To view and maintain transaction logs that record system-level and document-level actions performed in the Orion Vault

Formtek | Orion 5 Administration is a platform-independent, thin client application with a JavaServer Faces (JSF) web interface. A web browser client is used as the front-end component to the Orion 5 Administration server. At the back end, an Orion Vault is used for storage and retrieval of the administrative information being managed by Orion 5 Administration. Apache Tomcat is used as both the web server and the servlet engine.