Formtek | Orion SDK

The Formtek | Orion 5 Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a breadth of Content Repository Services (CRS) development and integration tools for creating content and document management solutions, or content-enabling any number of software applications. Equipped with these tools, organizations can apply their own business policies and rules to custom tailor a common content repository infrastructure to meet their unique requirements. The Orion 5 SDK includes a Web Services capability, a JSP Tag Library, and Java APIs for adapting an organizations complex application environment to specific problems, while preserving underlying content management consistency. Equipped with this toolkit, IT organizations apply their own expertise to encapsulate business structures and policies within a single, unified content repository.

Web Services

The Formtek | Orion 5 SDK Web Services (SDK Web Services) provides a Web Services interface to Formtek CRS functionality. The Web Services module is a natural foundation for building content repository components within a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). Web services are the tool of choice for creating portal and browser-based applications requiring Library Services. The always-connected, event-interaction capability of Web services also makes Formtek’s Web Services an attractive choice when building next-generation rich UI clients that embed Content Repository Services.

The XML-centric, language-neutral SOAP protocol used by Formtek | Orion 5 SDK Web Services allows easy integration with a variety of platforms and development languages. For example, both .NET and Java clients can interact with the same Web Services interface.

Pure Java Application Programming Interface (API)

The Formtek | Orion 5 SDK Pure Java API module provides very granular control of the Formtek | Orion repository through an object-oriented Java interface. The SDK Java API module is extremely flexible and intended to be used more generically in creating content repository solutions. The low-level extensibility of the Pure Java API module provides a comprehensive set of object interfaces for enabling complete control of all aspects of the Formtek | Orion CRS functionality, such as check-in, check-out, versioning, security control, and transaction logging.

Administration API

The Formtek | Orion 5 SDK Administration API module allows an Orion 5 System Administrator to programmatically perform some Orion system administration functions through an object-oriented Java interface.

As indicated below, a front-end Java application utilizes the Orion 5 Administration API. Some functions such as logon and logoff utilize the Orion 5 Pure Java API. At the back end, an Orion Vault is used for storage and retrieval of the user, group, and security ACL information being managed by Orion 5 Administration API.

Administration API Components

Formtek | Orion 5 JSP Tag Library

Formtek | Orion 5 Access applications have been built around a core set of re-usable Java Server Page (JSP) tags that are packaged as part of the Orion 5 Access module. By inserting JSP Tag Library tags into a web page, complex library service functionality can easily be added to browser-based applications. The Orion 5 Access application serves as a template that emulates the JSP Tag Library usage and its capability. This allows developers to concentrate on creating the overall business logic of their application without spending excessive time on the integration of library service functionality.