Professional Services

The Challenge

To fully realize the benefits of ECM technology, any solution must be tailored to meet an organization’s specific requirements and business processes. Each organization’s IT environment and integration requirements are different. Every organization has unique ways of creating and disseminating content, including different content models, taxonomy requirements, processes, and security policies – all of which must be addressed during an ECM implementation.

Our Experience

The Formtek team has over twenty years of experience successfully delivering ECM software and services. Our customers range from small businesses to large global organizations, and span a variety of industries. We leverage that experience, and provide our deepest commitment to each of our customers, in meeting their ECM requirements and goals.

Our Expertise

Our Professional Services organization includes expertise and resources to assist your organization in the following areas:

  • System Migration – Maintaining legacy content management systems involves significant cost, time, and complexity. Formtek solutions are built on modern, open, and adaptable content management platforms, and offer an ease of support and customization at a fraction of the cost of legacy systems. We can help you migrate from old and difficult content management systems to a modern architecture, while maintaining all historical data. We have specific experience migrating legacy DocuShare systems to Alfresco Content Services.
  • Requirements Definition – We’ll help you analyze your specific business requirements, and properly document those requirements before system migration or software customization begins.
  • Software Customization – We believe that no ECM technology can optimally meet your organization’s unique requirements without some level of customization. Our team has a wealth of experience in many areas of ECM software customization, including:
    • Document and metadata capture
    • Content model and forms definition
    • Workflow process and rules definition
    • Security setup
    • Quality assurance testing
  • Documentation – We will document the installation, administration, and use of any customized aspects of your solution.
  • Software Installation and Configuration– We will install the standard software and any customizations on your production and test servers, and configure the system for your specific environment.
  • Integration – Integrating your ECM solution with other corporate systems can greatly improve your TCO. We have significant experience integrating Ephesoft capture with modern content management systems.
  • Solution Demonstration and Acceptance – After installation in your environment, we will demonstrate the installed solution and ensure that all aspects of the system are working correctly.
  • Performance Tuning – We will assess the current configuration and performance of your system, and make detailed recommendations for improvement.
  • Project Management – We will assign a project manager to your engagement responsible for managing the requirements, cost, schedule and quality of your initiative. Our confidence in our abilities to meet your requirements, allows us to engage in most projects on a fixed price basis, reducing your budgetary risks.
  • Support – Formtek clients benefit from direct access to experienced Formtek support engineers through our Support Web Portal, and our dedicated email address and toll free phone number.