Formtek Products for Alfresco

Formtek Engineering Data Management Solution

  • The EDM Module for Alfresco provides:
  • Renders AutoCAD and MicroStation file types to thumbnail and vector PDF for viewing in Alfresco.
  • Options for display include the current view of the base drawing, all views of the base drawing, or the complete drawing with all XRefs.
  • Pre-configured with a content model for both Engineering Document and Drawing types, with view, edit and search forms.
  • Extract attributes present in AutoCAD DWG or DXF files, including title block attributes, and map them to the predefined and/or custom content model properties in Alfresco.
    The EDM Connector for AutoCAD provides access to the functionality available in the Alfresco repository including browse, open, check-in, check-out and view/edit metadata properties, directly from within the AutoCAD application. It also maintains the integrity of a base drawing’s XRefs by automatically associating and mapping their locations within the Alfresco repository.

Alfresco Certified Software

Formtek Extensions for Alfresco

  • The Formtek Auditing Extension provides a complete audit log for every file and folder within Alfresco, plus Audit History and Workflow History tools to search the repository for audit records or workflow records.
  • • The Formtek CAD Rendering Extension provides custom transformers that render AutoCAD and MicroStation files for viewing within the Alfresco Share application.
  • The Formtek File Linking Extension allows a single document or folder stored in Alfresco to be accessible from multiple locations without physically duplicating the document.
  • The Formtek Peer Association Extension makes it possible for associations to be established between documents and folders within Alfresco Share.
  • The Formtek Version Browser Extension allows the user to select any older document version in Alfresco Share and view its Web preview and associated metadata, or download that version.
  • The Formtek PDF Rendering Extension provides a PDF rendition of an Alfresco-supported file type.