Alfresco is the open platform for business critical document management and collaboration. Every day, over 7 million business users in 75 countries rely on Alfresco to manage 4 billion documents, files and processes – behind the firewall, in the cloud and even on their mobile devices.
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Formtek EDM Solution
Alfresco Certified Software

Formtek offers an Alfresco-Certified Engineering Data Management Solution to facilitate content management for engineering documents and drawings in Alfresco.

It provides an installation-ready, minimal services solution for a secure, enterprise engineering document and drawing management and collaboration foundation that allows a business to effectively manage all engineering documentation across its distributed enterprise.

The solution includes these products :

  • Engineering Data Management Module for Alfresco
  • Formtek EDM Connector for AutoCAD®
Formtek Extensions

Formtek’s Software Extensions for Alfresco are designed to increase the capabilities and productivity of your Alfresco implementation. The Extensions include :

  • Auditing
  • CAD Rendering
  • File Linking
  • PDF Rendering
  • Peer Association
  • Version Browser
Formtek Orion 5

Formtek | Orion is our foundation product that provides companies with a way to effectively manage and access their valuable information. Formtek | Orion allows users to store, access, distribute, modify, and manage all types of information in a secure and Web-accessible repository. Using Orion, you can easily tailor information-sharing across your organization based on specific business requirements and information processing rules-helping you meet your diverse information management needs.
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Ephesoft reduces Document Capture and Mailroom Automation costs by up to 90% compared to proprietary systems. It’s easy to use, easy to deploy and does not lock you in to a proprietary stack.
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