Formtek EDM Module

Formtek Engineering Data Management (EDM) Module

The Formtek EDM Module includes a Custom Content Model for Engineering Drawing and Engineering Document content types. These content types include properties that can be used to associate metadata with engineering drawings and documents in Alfresco, as well as matching search, view, and edit forms.

The EDM Module can also be configured to work with an organization’s custom content model and types. When so configured, the EDM content types and your custom content types would both be available in lists for Change Type and Advanced Search.

When a base drawing and its XRefs are uploaded directly from AutoCAD using the Formtek EDM Connector plug-in, the references are automatically managed for you. The EDM Module also supports a configurable, Automatic XRef Management solution for base drawing uploads using Alfresco Share.

When a base drawing enters a folder, a configurable rule identifies which XRef folder to search, and then recursively searches that folder for matching reference names. Automatic XRef Management on drawing upload saves you from having to manually configure the repository location of each reference.

The base drawing and its XRefs are stored in the Alfresco repository as separate items because they are separate drawing files. However, the XRef management capabilities of the EDM Module allows the user to Generate a Complete Drawing that combines a base drawing and its XRefs, including image references, into a single PDF rendition.

Similar to the PDF rendition that is displayed in the standard Alfresco preview pane, the complete drawing rendition includes the model space view and all available layout views in the base drawing. Use the Download Original command to download the complete drawing PDF rendition.