Offset Solutions

Offsets have emerged as an important factor in international defense and trade deals. In fact, Offsets are imposed by approximately 85% of the world’s countries. Offsets are broadly defined as industrial, commercial and/or political arrangements under which foreign suppliers implement specific projects that benefit the procuring country and are aimed to partially or fully offset the country’s procurement costs.

Formtek has unique experience in the Offset arena and a proven track record in executing Offset projects. As a former subsidiary of a major aerospace and defense company, Formtek has been involved in multifaceted negotiations between organizations in order to satisfy Offset obligations. Formtek has partnered with aerospace and defense suppliers, as well as foreign entities to develop Offset projects that helped all parties meet their cost and value requirements. These solutions have included technology transfer, strategic knowledge transfer, solutions delivery, consulting, marketing assistance, and license grant.

Formtek creates Offset projects that add value. Formtek works closely with obligation holders and foreign entities to create projects that add value to the contract by contributing high value technical solutions. Formtek’s Offset projects generate significant credits at attractive cost-to-credit ratios.

We understand the intricacies involved in defining and executing Offset projects. We have rare expertise in this complicated and emerging aspect of global transactions. Drawing on our experience, we will help you negotiate a valuable Offset solution.