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Hyland’s Alfresco and the Role of Zero Trust

By Dick Weisinger

In the field of cybersecurity, Zero Trust is a strategic model that doesn’t assume trust and verifies every transaction. The significance of Zero Trust lies in its ability to reduce an organization’s attack surface and limit the impact of an

Content Services Tools: A Game-Changer for Remote and Hybrid Work

By Dick Weisinger

In the evolving landscape of work, remote and hybrid models are becoming the new norm. To support this shift, companies are turning to content services tools, such as Hyland Alfresco. Hyland Alfresco, an open-source platform, offers a suite of cloud-native content

Content Services Platforms – A Rising Star

By Dick Weisinger

In the digital era, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or Content Services Platforms (CSP) have become the backbone of businesses, playing a pivotal role in managing and optimizing content. The market for these systems is booming, with the global CSP market

How Enterprise Content Management Can Help Businesses Avoid Information Overload

By Dick Weisinger

Information overload is a real problem that affects many businesses, especially in the age of remote work. Information overload occurs when a person has too much information to process and make decisions effectively. It can cause confusion, stress, fatigue, and

Why Enterprise Content Management Matters More Than Ever in 2024

By Dick Weisinger

Enterprise content management (ECM) is not a new concept. It has been around for decades, helping organizations to capture, store, manage, and deliver various types of content, such as documents, images, videos, emails, and web pages. However, in the digital