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CAD Trends: What to Expect in 2019

By Dick Weisinger

Where is the CAD industry going in 2019? Business Advantage has released the results of a comprehensive survey of 626 CAD users globally in their CAD Trends 2018-2019 report. Interesting information and worth the free download. The survey ranks the

Digital Twins: Simulating Products and Processes to Improve Quality and Design

By Dick Weisinger

A digital twin is the virtual representation of a real life product, object or process. The digital twin is used for test and simulation.  It makes it possible to track and simulate different conditions, dynamics and environment changes. The accuracy

Predictive Engineering Technology: Turning Product Designs into Photo-Realistic Images and Video

By Dick Weisinger

Ever-improving technology to support fast computations and visualizations is having an impact on the engineering design process.  Simulation, Finite Elements, Analytics, Intelligent Reporting, Team Collaboration and other software-based technologies are increasingly being used to improve product engineering. The integration of these

Formtek and Alfresco: Visual Version Management with the Formtek Version Browser

By Dick Weisinger

Formtek released version 2.3 of the Version Browser for Alfresco 5.1 earlier this week.  The Formtek Version Browser is an extension to Alfresco One ECM that enables easy visual comparisons of versioned documents. The biggest addition to this release of the

Smart Manufacturing: Optimizing Manufacturing Operations with Technology

By Dick Weisinger

Smart manufacturing.  It’s the use of advanced data analysis and software algorithms to optimize the workings of manufacturing.  The goal is to increase efficiency, eliminate waste, and be significantly more cost efficient.  Smart manufacturing incorporates technologies like automation, robotics, sensors,