Formtek EDM Module

Formtek offers an pre-packaged solution for Engineering Data Management using Alfresco.

The Formtek Engineering Data Management Module for Alfresco provides an installation-ready, minimal services solution for a secure, enterprise engineering document and drawing management and collaboration foundation that allows a business to effectively manage all engineering documentation, including AutoCAD files, across its distributed enterprise. The EDM Module can cut costs and improve efficiency for engineering, design, manufacturing, and construction applications.

The Formtek Engineering Data Management Module is pre-configured with a content model including Engineering Drawing and Engineering Document types with view, edit and search forms specific to an Engineering organization’s needs. It can also be configured to work with an organization’s own customized content model.

Upon upload, the EDM Module will extract attributes present in AutoCAD DWG or DXF files, including title block attributes, and map them to the predefined and/or custom content model properties in Alfresco. The EDM Module provides the capability to associate the base drawing to its external references (XRefs) within the Alfresco repository.

The EDM Module includes a converter which renders AutoCAD file types to thumbnail and vector PDF views in Alfresco. Options for display include the current view of the base drawing, all views of the base drawing, or the complete drawing with all XRefs.

Synchronization with the AutoCAD application can be achieved with the addition of Formtek’s EDM Connector for AutoCAD. The EDM Connector is a software plug-in for AutoCAD that allows AutoCAD to interact directly with the Alfresco repository.

The EDM Module is available for Alfresco versions 5.x and 6.x.

The EDM Module allows users to view drawing without AutoCADThe EDM Module allows users to view drawings without AutoCAD