Formtek EDM Module

Formtek offers an Alfresco-Certified pre-packaged solution for Engineering Data Management using Alfresco.

Alfresco Certified Software

The Formtek Engineering Data Management Module is pre-configured with Engineering Drawing and Engineering Document types with view, edit and search forms specific to an Engineering organization’s needs. The EDM Module includes a converter which renders flash and thumbnail images of dwg, dwf, and dxf drawing types. The EDM Module can also extract and map attributes, including title block attributes, present in DWG or DXF files.  With some configuration, the extracted data can be mapped to standard EDM content model properties.  If Formtek’s free PDF Rendering Extension is installed, these drawing file types can be converted to PDF, on-demand.

The Formtek Engineering Data Management Module for Alfresco provides an installation-ready, minimal services solution for a secure, enterprise engineering document and drawing management and collaboration foundation that allows a business to effectively manage all engineering documentation across its distributed enterprise. The EDM Solution cuts costs and improves efficiency for engineering, design, manufacturing, and construction applications.

The Formtek EDM Solution provides flexible yet secure access to engineering information through access control and user definition options that allow authorized users specific privileges to designated data. At the core of the Formtek EDM Solution is the Alfresco Content Platform that guarantees controlled access and tracking for any actions that are performed on a document. The solution provides an audit trail with history features. It stores all transactions made to a document, including checkout and revision, which will improve quality control. By using the control features, the Customer can quickly identify who accessed or changed the information, when a change was made, and why.

The solution also facilitates collaboration throughout the engineering process Engineering documents can be securely distributed for review and approval. During collaboration sessions – when markups and comments are frequently made – the content of the document is maintained and information is recorded and stored with the document. The solution also tracks and stores the voting history associated with the approval processes.

This solution is available for Alfresco Enterprise version 3.3 or later.

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The EDM Module allows viewing of the drawing without AutoCADThe EDM Module allows viewing of the drawing without AutoCAD.